Disease & Pests of Beans

Diseases & Pests of Beans

When growing any type of bean plant you might run into a few hiccups during the growing season. Below are diseases & pests of beans that you need to be on the lookout for and what you can do if you run into one of the hiccups.


Anthracnose – Dark, sunken spots, almost scab like that form on the pods and spots on leaves of the plant. Can affect everything from trees to vegetable plants.

Early in the growing season, the disease can delay the growth of the plant and cause leaves to turn yellow and curl. Small, brown spots on the shoots and leaf veins are very common first symptoms of this disease

It is best to pick and burn the diseased pods, leaves, and plant matter. Do not keep seeds from infected plants, even if the remaining plant looks healthy. The disease will carry over into the following year and infect the crop again.

Bacterial Blight

Looks like the same on all plants. Dark, water-soaked spots on both the leaves or the pods.  There is no remedy to save plants. 

It is best to pull up plants and burn them.

Downy Mildew

The fungus creates spotted leaves on vegetable plants. Doesn’t seem to hurt the actual production of the crop in my experience.

The fungus is transmitted from infected plants by wind and runoff water during a single season.  After the season is done, so is the fungus because it needs the live host plant to thrive.

Leaf Beetles

Very small beetle that comes in a variety of colors but always has a black head, This insect loves to feed on the leaves of beans,  cucumbers,  cucurbits, pumpkin, and squash.

Catch early.  Spray with Rotenone (Jury still out to see if makes the organic list there is current FDA debate), or Neem oil.  It is important to spray the foliage of the plant, giving care to the underside of the leaves.

Products To Use

Aphids or Plant Lice

How to get rid of aphids in the garden

Come in a variety of colors and shapes. They suck the sap from the plant and cause the leaves to crumple up. 

The crumpled leaves provide protection for the insect to hide under and within. Remove the leaves and burn. 

Treat the plant with any of the products below as soon as you see an issue. 

Remember that this insect likes to hide under leaves, be sure to treat under the undersides of the plant.  Safe Solutions for Getting Rid of Aphids 

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