Enger Park Duluth

Enger Park in Duluth, Minnesota is one fabulous park to explore. The park has walking paths, a tower with a panoramic view of Duluth, and a Japanese peace garden.

General Info

General:Enger Park sits on top of a hill overlooking the ports of Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin. Climb the stairs of the 80-foot Enger tower stopping at each floor to take in the view. Visit the Japanese peace garden and the Enger scenic overlook. For the grand price of free – you should make a visit
Hours:7 am-10 pm
County:St. Louis County
Google Map Location:Google Map Location

Enger Tower Duluth, Minnesota

Enger Tower is an 80-foot, five-story stone observation tower atop Enger Hill in Duluth, Minnesota. The observation tower is in memory of Bert J Enger. and the views at the top are breathtaking.

View From The Top (Video)

Color Changing Lights At Night (Video)

One visitor we ran into told us that the tower doesn’t always have color-changing lights on.

The visitor also told us It is only for special events, I’m not sure if this is true or not.

Our visit was over Labor Day weekend and the lights were on a rotation between patriotic red, white, and blue.

Japanese Peace Garden

There are four elements to a Japanese garden – stone, water, man-made element, and flowers.

Japanese Peace Garden / Enger Park Duluth, Minnesota

Japanese Peace Garden / Enger Park Duluth, Minnesota
Japanese Peace Garden / Enger Park Duluth, Minnesota

Short Hiking Trail Off Parking Lot

Then there is a short hiking trail off the parking lot that I’m sure most people miss. If you make a trip to this location be sure to take that trail. It goes up a few stone stairs to a platform called the Enger scenic overlook.

If you continue on up the stone outcrop along the edge you will have some fabulous views. Pictured below is a picture of the Blatnik Bridge which connects Superior, WI, and Duluth, Minnesota.

Blatnik Bridge Duluth, Minnesota
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Skyline Scenic Overlook At Night

If you happen to visit Enger Park in Duluth for yourself at night, be sure to drive down to the skyline scenic overlook to see the city of Duluth. It is a sight to see.

Bridge at night.jpg
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duluth at night.jpg

Hoped you enjoyed the tour of the park. Now, get out there and explore somewhere yourself!!

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