Gear for Birdwatching

Gear for Birdwatching Gear for birdwatching – Glorious days are here.  I started a serious fetish with tracking down and photographing each of the warblers that are said to visit […]

Birds You May Find in Your Backyard

Birds You May Find in Your Backyard A running list of birds that you may find in your backyard along with some interesting facts, and possible additional reading posts that […]

Birds Like Safflower Seed Squirrels Dislike

Birds Like Safflower Seed Squirrels Dislike Looking to keep the squirrels off your feeders?  Try changing your birdseed.  Birds like safflower seed squirrels dislike it. So, if your are looking […]

Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds

10 Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds Want to attract hummingbirds to your yard? Your yard has to have elements that hummingbirds enjoy.  Learn 10 flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Dark Eyed Junco Birds At Feeder

Dark Eyed Junco Birds At Feeder This month I thought I would change it up a little and give you something to look forward to each Friday. For the remainder […]

Wisconsin Birds

Wisconsin Birds This page will be a running list of all my small Wisconsin birds.  The birds can be found in your yards, gardens and around the woodlands areas.

11 Birds that Eat Oranges

11 Birds That Eat Oranges Birdy, birdy here’s a sweet treat. Sure to make you tweet! Tweet! Tweet! 11 birds that eat oranges!

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Welcome!  The Nikki Lynn Design categories cover a wide variety of subjects from gardening and cooking to photography & design work – right down to sharing places we have explored […]


GARDENING I live in Wisconsin.  We have a VERY short growing season and experience long, gloomy winters. Many of the postings deal with cold weather and how to extend or […]

Warbler Season in Wisconsin

I’m getting excited! It is warbler season in Wisconsin. Now, many of my friends look at me like I am speaking in a foreign language when I talk about Warblers.

Blue Jays

Blue Jays In Wisconsin, there are a few birds that when they visit your backyard, you know what they are.  Blue jays are one of those birds.

The Tree Swallows Have Arrived

    The tree swallows have arrived back in Wisconsin. They normally arrive mid-March through first two weeks of April. I was out scouting yesterday to see what animals were […]

Its Eagle Season

Its Eagle Season What does one do in winter to feed their photography need?  Well, in Wisconsin, I enjoy hunting down eagles sitting in the trees and fishing because its […]

Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin   Spent Saturday getting my fill of three counties. What a day! Just got done uploading pics from the camera. Pictured is the Sturgeon Bay […]