About the Ordering Process

Purchase My Photography? First, it is important to know I don’t expect you to want to purchase anything. Feel free to use the site for informational purposes.  But, if you […]

Crabs in a Bucket Coffee Mug Design

Crabs in a bucket coffee mug – You and only you have the power to set goals and claw your way to achieving them. Be a cheerleader for all that are fighting their own fight.

Coffee Mug Designs

Coffee Mug Designs Welcome to my coffee mug designs. My storefronts vary far and wide, so each design will carry the storefront link under the design. It doesn’t matter what […]

Old Vehicles

Old Vehicles The Midwest is full of old farm properties and what I like to call the back 40. The back forty acres was just a place to store junk. […]

Old Structures Inside and Out

Old Structures Inside and Out Photographing and exploring old structures inside and out is exciting.  There is nothing more thrilling than driving up on an old barn or structure that […]

Old Structures Inside and Out

Old Structures Inside and Out Photographing and exploring old structures inside and out is exciting.  There is nothing more thrilling than driving up on an old barn or structure that […]

White Rock Ranch Rural Collection

White Rock Ranch Rural Collection White Rock Ranch rural collection of three farm fine art prints that were all processed together for any country home decor loving soul.     […]

Antiqued Vintage Leaves Collection

ANTIQUED VINTAGE LEAVES COLLECTION Antiqued Vintage Leaves Collection – heavy grain & an antique finish pull these images together. There are 3 prints in this fine art wall collection. ABOUT THIS […]

Quote Photography Sprinkles Make Everything Better

QUOTE PHOTOGRAPHY SPRINKLES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER Sprinkles make everything better!  Well, don’t they?  I always think so 🙂  The quote photography sprinkles make everything better is available as a square, […]

Artistic Collection

Artistic Collection I’m pretty proud to embrace the artsy side of photography.  I like to embody an artistic expression through photo editing, which I happily state blurs some lines between […]

Husband and Wife Together for Life Art Print

 Husband and Wife Together For Life Your walls are a reflection of your personality. So let them speak with this husband and wife together for life art print. Choose from […]

Moose Crossing the Lake

Moose Crossing the Lake Signs line sections of the main highway running through the upper peninsula of Michigan to watch for moose or “Moose Crossing.”

Keep Birdbaths Fresh and Clean

Keep Birdbaths Fresh and Clean I’m a little embarrassed to say that my birdbath is a mess right now.  Over time, the summer weather turns hot and I get “busy.”  Too […]

Site Wide Disclaimer

Links If I mention a product and link to it on this site – I might get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase using an Amazon link. […]

Growing Inspiration

Growing Inspiration Turning neglect of my raspberry plants into art. Heavy grain and an antique finish pulled these prints together. Blurring the lines between photography and art. There are 3 […]

Selecting Garden Plant Bulbs

Selecting Garden Plant Bulbs I’m a person that likes to see and hold my bulbs in my hand when selecting garden plant bulbs. So, ordering my bulbs from an online […]

Snowdrops and Forget Me Not Botanical Prints

Snowdrops and Forget Me Not Botanical Prints Wonderful arrangement of spring beauties. The Snowdrop and forget me not flower still live shots are arranged in buckets and have a light […]

Crocus Flowers

Crocus Flowers  Crocus flowers are some of the spring signs of spring wildflowers.  Protection from the wet, thick fog in the woods was a decision easily made by me this morning.  […]

Distressed Photography Collection

Distressed Photography Collection   I have been working on a new distressed photography collection of prints. This distressed photography collection has my shabby-chic, country and cottage style home decor friends […]

Beef & Bacon Pinwheels

Last night I made beef & bacon pinwheels for dinner to celebrate having my grill back. Yum!  What a hit.

St Coletta Jefferson Wisconsin

One thing I absolutely love about traveling is that it provides me with a constant source of education.  Over the weekend, I attended The 4th Annual Spyder Rendezvous in Johnson Creek, […]

Wild Blackcaps and Wildflowers

Wild Blackcaps and Wildflowers It is a hot one out there today.  Bordering 90 degrees with a thick and humid barrier that makes you sweat the moment you open the […]

Bubble Abstract Art Prints

Bubble Abstract Art Prints Who said oil and water do not mix – I’d beg to differ with them.  Or, at least, from an artistic standpoint.  I present my bubble […]

Best Friends Coffee Mug

Best Friends Coffee Mug Two-sided coffee mug.  On one half is a daisy that I photographed after a hard rain. The opposite side of the mug has the saying “A good […]

Munising Michigan Frozen Falls

Munising Michigan Frozen Falls Let the weekend traveling commence.  I needed to get away for a weekend and just be one with nature. I had heard that the Apostle Ice […]

I Do Not Play Well With Others

Why I Get Told I Do Not Play Well With Others I get told many times a week I do not play well with others from other bloggers.  Want to […]

Shorebirds & Waterfowl

Shorebirds & Waterfowl Photography – A list of Ducks, Egret, Cormorant, Geese, Pelicans, Gulls and more from my travels. 90% are midwestern United States birds. This will be a running […]

Fall Bulb Planting Basics

  Fall Bulb Planting Basics for Spring Flowers Planting your spring flowering bulbs in fall can be a risky business.  You are not guaranteed to a have a beautiful blossoming […]