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Customer Contact:

If you have a question related to purchasing a product or licensing an image please drop me a line on Facebook. You can also text me or leave me a message at 920- 569-9120.  I don’t answer calls but will respond shortly. Unless it is an issue with an ordered product, then read “Issue with Product Order” below.

Common Questions Answered


Issue With a Product Order?

The company in which you purchased the product through containing the design or photo I took, would be happy to help you.  Remember, I consign my art. The companies produce the product. They ALL are excellent to work with and clear up an issue lightening fast. All come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. That said, If you have an issue you have tried to work with the company on and they HAVE NOT helped you or you are not satisfied with the outcome.  I WANT TO KNOW.  Drop me a line on Facebook and I WILL figure it out.


Marketing Contact:

So, you want to offer me a service?  Consider this your cold call answer: You can’t really offer me anything that I currently don’t already know.  Including that half my tags are missing currently, my SEO is messed up or I could rate higher.  I know all this.  I am working on it 🙂  I have it covered, I’m in the middle of a content restructure and revamp.  Thank you for your offer. Take out your list and jot down my web address and check on me in 6 months.


Want to Write Content For My Blog?
Want to write something for my blog?  Sorry, I write all my own content. But, will consider you sending me a product, I will use it, test it and then review it. Honestly and according to my own thoughts. No compensation, other than the product.

Now, if you want ME to write about a product, try a product or service for an honest review, PLEASE use the form below.  Let’s see if we are a good match. I only want to promo products, services or places that I enjoy.  You can tell, I’m rather up front, bold and speak what I think.  Consider this 🙂

Want to Buy a Link on Website
I have been getting plenty of I want to advertise on your blog and how much do you charge for a link on your blog emails and phone calls.  I am not in a business of selling links to make a buck.  SO, you can’t be included by paying me a fee.

However, if I would use your service or product and really believe in its value to a reader – then nothing.  The cost is zip, zero and notta.  That would be the price of a link.  But, the product or service will always come with an honest review or a use to my readers, I’m not in the business of pedaling a product to make a buck.

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