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If you have a question related to purchasing a product or licensing an image drop me a line on Facebook or text or leave me a message at 1-920-569-9120.

Where Is My Order?

Two times something has gone missing in the mail. It happens. Let’s figure it out. The company through which you purchased the product containing the design or photo I took, would be happy to help you.  Remember, I consign my art. The companies produce the product. They ALL are excellent to work with and clear up an issue lightning fast. All come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. 

That said, If you have an issue you have tried to work with the company and they HAVE NOT helped you or you are not satisfied with the outcome.  I WANT TO KNOW.  Text me. I never answer a ringing phone – at 1-920-569-9120 and I WILL figure it out.

Can I Offer My Services To Help Your Search Rank?

At this time, no. I am aware of the issues. One would never tell by the SEO range of this website that I am extremely capable of ranking in search results and have an excellent understanding of SEO. Someday. Someday. Someday.

Do You Accept Guest Posts?

No. But, I would consider testing products and reviewing them honestly. If you want to see if we are a good fit you can always ask. If I don’t answer you back, sorry: we were not a good fit.

No. You can offer me a product, service, or even an overnight stay somewhere and I could add it to my posting with my honest feedback. But, if I receive compensation I would have to include that I received it for compensation in the web post and I would review it honestly.

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