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Explore the Midwest – places I have been and you can travel as well.

Explore the Midwest

Explore the Midwest through photography using my Midwest nature & travel blog to inspire you. See where I get my inspiration for photography and digital design first hand – in the field, literally!

The travel blog posts are detailed so you to can travel and explore places I’ve been to in the Midwest.  The posts are mainly focused on Wisconsin, Michigan, and South Dakota at this time.

Upper Michigan:

Paulding Lights Munising Michigan
Paulding Lights Munising Falls
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap Sugarloaf Mountain
Yoopers Tourist Trap Sugarloaf Mountain
Watson Michigan Eben Ice Caves
Watson Michigan Eben Ice Caves
Mille Bat Mine Iron Mountain Michigan Lower Ore Dock Marquette Michigan
Millie Bat Mine Iron Mountain Lower Ore Dock Marquette
Canyon Falls L’Anse, MI Icy Shoreline Menominee Michigan
Canyon Falls  L’Anse, MI Icy Shores Menominee, MI
Sand Point Lighthouse Lake Superior Fire Tower Bell Marquette, Michigan
Sand Point Lighthouse Escanaba, MI Fire Tower Bell Marquette, MI
Grand Island Ice Caves Fayette Michigan Historic Town
Grand Island Ice Caves Fayette, Michigan Historic Town
Big Red Lighthouse Marquette Michigan Fumee Falls Upper Michigan Waterfall
Big Red Lighthouse Marquette, MI Fumee Falls, Breitung Twp, MI


Explore Wisconsin


Wisconsin has an interesting history.  The state holds the oldest Belgian community. Beautiful hiking and biking trails that pass limestone cliffs and use underground tunnels. Plenty of places for an outdoorsman to explore.

The state is home to lighthouses and unique plants that grow along her shoreline.  Hidden roadside parks that hold waterfalls are wonderful treasures for those that explore.  Small lakes with excellent fishing and an abundance of wildlife along their banks.

The posts are places I have been and photographed.  If I have any tips or information on the location, I share that too.


All Wisconsin Counties Brown County Wisconsin
All Wisconsin Counties Brown County, Wisconsin
Door County Wisconsin ATV and UTV Trails and Exploring Wisconsin
Door County, Wisconsin  Wisconsin ATV / UTV Trails
Lake Michigan Lighthouses
Lake Michigan Lighthouses



Stop-offs while passing through the Hoosier State.

Clifty Falls State Park Hiking Crevice Rock - Turkey Run State Park Indiana
Clifty Falls State Park Turkey Run State Park

I’m In Love With Nature!

I’m a nature nerd that enjoys the woods, wildflower & plants, birdies, wildlife and all the little details the Earth has to offer.

Current Midwest Travel Blog Posts Wisconsin Wildflowers
Current Midwest Blog Posts Wildflower & Invasives