Old Structures Inside and Out

 Old Structures Inside and Out

Photographing and exploring old structures inside and out is exciting.  There is nothing more thrilling than driving up on an old barn or structure that captures my attention. Well, except old vehicles 🙂  Some of my old building finds are located in the country and many times, right smack dab in the middle of a city.

Soon, these structures will only be faded memories.  Old barns give way, old homes get torn down and old city buildings get knocked down to make way for something new.  I feel a certain need to photograph them.  To preserve the memory and on some occasions, to find out the history of the building or structure.

I have blogged about some of the locations.


Old Structures Inside & Out Gallery

Showcasing Wisconsin barns, old houses and old structures. Depicting life that has passed us by.

Old House Stephenson, Wisconsin

Old House Stephenson, Wisconsin

An old house that my husband and I ran across on a Sunday drive together. I have found my happy balance of spending time on weekends lately with my husband. Trap two people in a car together without a radio or internet and we get back to actually talking and sharing a great deal of information. Additional landscape pictures from the area under the blog post-Sunday Drive in Early March.

Inside the Old Rail Car

Coffee is On Inside an Old Railroad Car

Coffee is on inside an old railroad car. It has all the comforts of home.


Mill in Cades Cove Tennessee Smokey Mountains National Park

Just Before the Rain Set In

Cades Cove is an isolated valley located in the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The cove holds some historical buildings and an excellent place for wildlife viewing.  We went during early spring and tried to dodge in-between the rains to explore.

Inside One of the Old Cabins

Inside One of the Old Cabins

Ventured out into the heavy wooded areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park trying to locate the old section of cabins on this visit.  Our first attempt was unsuccessful.  We stopped at a local country shop and the gentleman there knew exactly what I was wanting to see and drew us a map.

The cabins met the wrecking ball the following week. We were successful, the heavy rains didn’t stop us, but the trees and rain took out our umbrella and we were a muddy mess. You can see my album with some of the Tennessee photograph, including some old cabins on Smugmug.

Outhouse Toilet

Outhouse Photography

An old one seater outhouse toilet that is still hanging around.  I love coming across old structures!

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Turret Spring House Rock Island State Park, TN

Turret Spring House Rock Island State Park, TN

Located in Rock Island State Park in Tennessee. The spring house was built in the 1890s.

The Spring Castle has a medieval-looking turret and is set back into a hill. The elaborate spring house was built when the cotton mill across the street was in operation. There is a reservoir behind the stone wall that has a natural spring, The spring provided water for the town, the mill and also for fire protection for the cotton mill across the street.

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Old Bell Tower
Pigeons Live in the Bell Tower

Pigeons made a home for themselves in the bell tower of this old church.

Old Cheese Factory Southern Door County

Old Cheese Factory Door County

Old Belgian stonework makes up the outside of this outbuilding in Southern Door County from my vintage photography collection. I was told by the locals it served as a cheese factory and store back in the day. The counties had small community cheese factories that they would visit.

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Pembine Wisconsin Milwaukee Railroad Train Depot

Former Milwaukee Road station in Pembine, Wisconsin

Pictured is the former Pembine Wisconsin Milwaukee Railroad Depot Wisconsin. Pembine was named after the Pemebonwon River. The name means cranberry in the language of the Menominee Indians.

The station located in Pembine was built in 1887 when the logging industry was flourishing in the area. The heyday of logging is long over but the depot seems to still be used by the railroad by the rail cars stored on the side tracks.

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Lower Ore Dock Marquette Michigan

End Of The Day Lower Ore Dock

The lower ore dock in Marquette Michigan is a good place to stand during the early eve. A pastel coloring consumes the sky for an area that is most certainly a sunrise location over Lake Superior. See the additional places we visited on this trip under the photography blog posting  Lower Ore Dock Marquette Michigan.

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1798 Rice Grist Mill Lake City, TN

1798 Rice Grist Mill Lake City, TN

Rice Grist Mill Lake City, TN. This 18th Century Rice Grist Mill was originally constructed in 1798 in Union County. The mill was later dismantled and rebuilt on Clear Creek in 1935, where it sits today.

The mill is a two-story log structure with a wooden water wheel. Water is channeled from the top of the wheel and pours over allowing the wheel to turn.


Old District Number 8 Schoolhouse

District Number 8 1901 Schoolhouse Door County, Wisconsin

District number 8 brick schoolhouse. This building was built in 1901 and housed many grades from the Southern Door, Wisconsin area. I have blogged about some additional buildings and structures from the area under the photography blog post-Belgian Brick by Brick.

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Honey House

Honey House Door County, Wisconsin

This building was the building that honey was processed at, located on an old cherry orchard property in Door County, Wisconsin that had bee houses. You can read additional information on the property under the photography blog post-Honey House in Door County.

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Last Covered Bridge in Wisconsin

Wisconsins Last Covered Bridge

Wisconsin once had over 40 covered bridges, that is just an amazing fact to me. The last covered bridge in Wisconsin is located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Want to read a little more about the history of this bridges? Look for the photography blog posting  Last Covered Bridge in Wisconsin.

St Coletta Jefferson, Wisconsin
St. Coletta Institute for Backward Youth, was a medical, residential, and educational institution for the developmentally disabled. It was organized by the sisters of St. Francis Assisi in 1904 at the behest of Father George Meyer of St. Lawrence Catholic Church - We walked around the front and side of the building on our way up to the church and graveyard. Our main purpose was to get to the top of the hill for the graveyard and church.

The places you explore that you didn’t have a clue about!  I received a brief history lesson about this building called St. Coletta Institute for Backward Youth. It was a medical, residential, and educational institution for the developmentally disabled. It was organized by the sisters of St. Francis Assisi in 1904 at the behest of Father George Meyer of St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

I have a post that shares additional pictures and information from the area.  Including a little history about a daughter of a United States President that lived on the grounds of the institute. You can read the photography blog  St Coletta Jefferson Wisconsin post for additional information.

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Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan
Old IGA Store Watson, Michigan

My husband and I took an extra long motorcycle ride from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a few years back.  We stumbled upon this beautiful old IGA store in Watson Michigan You can see additional pictures from the visit under Old IGA Store Watson, Michigan.

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Rockland Lincoln School Brown County, Wisconsin

Rockland Lincoln School

Rockland was settled by immigrants of mainly German, Dutch, and Irish heritage. This schoolhouse was established in 1901. I was sad to get word about a month after I photographed the schoolhouse that it had burnt down. Gone but not forgotten.  You can read a little more about the history of this little school under the post- Rockland Lincoln School. 

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Train Swing Bridge
Train Bridge Over Water in Green Bay, Wisconsin

A train bridge that rotates over the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The swing bridge will rotate over the water to allow trains to cross.  It is still in operation today.  Want to see a video I took of the swing bridge in action or additional items you can see on the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin?  See the posting Summer on the Water.

Backroads Denmark Wisconsin

Backroads Denmark, Wisconsin

Feeding the need to hit the road – Today, that journey leads me down backroads Denmark Wisconsin. Once in a while, I happen upon an old building, structure or vehicle that will make me let out a squeal and scare anyone that is along for the ride.Someday they will be gone – Thankfully, nobody was with me this weekend when I drove up to this old schoolhouse or church (not sure which). They most certainly would have had some form of heart arrhythmia with my vocalization of this find.(You can purchase most art as prints, cards and more by following a link to the marketplace it is sold in. All photography is fulfilled by a contracted company.  Read about the ordering process. )Round Barn Vanishing Symbol
Vanishing Symbol Octagon Barn in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
A man by the name of Orson Fowler wrote a book on octagon shape barns. According to him, it was better utilization of space. It required fewer materials and less time to build.This octagon barn was found in Kewaunee, County in Wisconsin. A huge advantage for Wisconsin communities along the Lake Michigan shoreline was that the octagon shape withstood heavy winds.Most of the octagon-shaped barns were built between 1880 and 1920.Listed in Fine Art / SmugmugStavkirke Church Washington Island,Wisconsin
The Stavkirke Church on Washington Island
The Stavkirke Church on Washington Island is patterned after an ancient church of Norway from medieval times. You can see the Viking shipbuilding influence in the interior and exterior architecture. There are four dragons on the front and rear roofs of the church which were designed from a Stavkirke book. There is a prayer path to stroll along and sit and reflect. This is a lovely example of Scandinavian architecture. Read a little more about the church and see additional pictures and posts from the area.Listed in  Fine Art / Smugmug

White Star Psychic Church Brussels, Wisconsin
White Star Psychic Church Brussels, Wisconsin

I love the history of this church.  In the 1880’s John B Evearts wife fell ill.  Traditional doctors gave her no hope. John brought his wife to a spiritualist medium, who healed his wife. The medium told John, he to had the gift and needed to practice it.  John quit his job, sold his business and built The White Star Church in 1888.

The church still stands today and does have a following in the area.  It is the last remaining spiritualist church in Northeast Wisconsin and one of the few remaining in Wisconsin. My daughter and I paid a visit to church one Sunday, you can read more about the history and our visit.

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Hotel Hell Maribel

Hotel Hell Maribel, Wisconsin

This building is commonly known to locals as Hotel Hell, plenty of history and stories surround this building. So, which are fact and which are fiction? What is the history of the building?  Read about The Maribel Hotel.

Sturgeon Bay Historic Steel Bridge
Historic Sturgeon Bay Bridge

The Sturgeon Bay Bridge (known as the Michigan Street Bridge) is a historic bridge in Sturgeon Bay,  Wisconsin, United States. The bridge was built in 1929 and opened July 4, 1931, with a grand parade where it was officially dedicated as a Door County Veterans Memorial which plaques at either end still reads “To honor those who gave of themselves, to their country, in times of need” as a gift by the State of Wisconsin. You can see additional photos of the area under the post- Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin at Night.

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Anderson Dock / Francis Hardy Gallery
Francis Hardy Building Writing
Zazzle / Fine Art / Smugmug

The Francis Hardy Gallery is housed in a building that is a part of the water navigation history of Lake Michigan in Ephraim, Wisconsin. Sailors once left messages on the building for other sailors on it. Today, visitors to the gallery now leave their mark. If you want additional history or see photos of the building please visit Door County Anderson Dock posting.

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Old Brick Building in Oconto County
Old Brick Building in Oconto County

An old brick building in Oconto County, WI. I believe this building was once used as the general store in a country area. Now, it is covered with rich, green ivy.

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Abandon House Door County, Wisconsin
Abandon Wisconsin

Ok, the house has been abandon but the land is owned. This seems to be a common theme in Wisconsin. Farmers use the land around the homes to grow crops but leave the old farmhouses up on the land.

Inside Railroad Storage Building
Inside Railroad Storage Building

Inside of an old railroad storage shed with no lights and dark as can be, except one glorious window of light.  I used an old cupboard as a tripod to get this indoor shot. For myself, photography just gives me another reason to ask for permission to explore places that many people won’t think of going.


Crystal River Grist Mill
Crystal River Grist Mill 1855

The Crystal River Grist Mill in Waupaca, Wisconsin was built in 1855 and it was a property that I wouldn’t have paid a visit if we weren’t in the area for a funeral.  A local paper caught my eye at breakfast of a little chapel and that is what guided me to the mill.  My photography travels have brought me to some interesting places over the years.  If you want to read a little more about this mill or see additional photos from the property visit the Crystal River Grist Mill Wisconsin post.

Moon and Stars Outhouse

Moon and Stars Outhouse

The moon and star cutout on the outhouses came about in a time when few people could read, The crescent moon was the symbol of women and the star cutout was for men.


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