American Coot

American Coot The American coot is widely spread across North America and commonly mistaken for a duck. The bird is a glossy black with a white bill that has a blackish band around the middle of it. What They Look Like The bird is all black with a thick with a bill that has a…

Mallard Ducks

Mallard ducks are widely distributed across the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The male birds (drakes) have a glossy green head and are grey on their wings and belly. The females (hens) have mainly brown-speckled bodies. Mallard Ducks A collection of images that I have taken of mallard ducks over the years. It is amazing to see the growth of…

Nesting Cormorants

Mid-April and early May mark the time that we will see nesting cormorants and egrets. This year is no different. Both birds have started their courtship, nesting, and mating rituals for the season. The white pelicans have also returned for the season and will begin their courtships in early May. We Feel Like We Are…

Drake Common Merganser

Drake Common Merganser After walking some trails today at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary,  I sat on a bench around the duck pond for 15 minutes, there was a drake common merganser keeping me company.

Night Heron Fishing

I don’t sit and stay long in one place. I am a wandering fool.  I capture what is in front of me, or what I happen to run into on my explorations. There is something to be said for enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting at the edge of a pond or lake. Nothing…

Drake Wood Duck

Normally, I get ever so close to a wood duck in the wild and it rapidly takes to flight. I have been practicing the master skill of patience by stalking the drake wood ducks on a little retention pond down the street from my home. Hoping to come up with one, head on excellent keeper…

Mama Pelican is Proud

Mama Pelican is Proud Ever so often I get the chance to capture something extraordinary that is wildlife-related on camera. Let’s face it, Wisconsin doesn’t have items that are all that rare.  But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them.

Northern Shoveler Ducks

Northern Shoveler Ducks Northern Shoveler ducks are unmistakable in the northern hemisphere visually due to its large spatulate bill.

Black Crown Night Heron

Black Crown Night Heron Black crown night heron are mostly active at night or at dusk. The birds stand still at the water’s edge and wait to ambush prey, mainly at night or early morning. They primarily eat small fish, crustaceans, frogs, aquatic insects, small mammals, and small birds. During the day they rest in…

Ducks Rocks Rebar Oh My

Ducks Rocks Rebar Oh My Say it quickly with me ducks, rocks, rebar oh my.  This week has been interesting to say the least. It started off traversing rocky shoreline, while photographing the diving ducks along the bay. Ended with a black eye and broken camera screens.

Double Crested Cormorant

Double Crested Cormorant I heard this double crested cormorant was hanging around in Green Bay, Wisconsin this winter. There had been few sightings reported. I just never saw him, until today.

Locked on to Female Mallards in Flight

Locked on to Female Mallards in Flight Today, is all about the female mallard. Spending some time locked on to female mallards in flight.  Testing out some new settings. To see if I can capture excellent images with the Canon 6D.  I have been having issues locking onto birds in flight.  There is a delay…