50 Acorn Caps Tops For Fall Craft Projects

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50 unfinished nature-made acorn tops that I have collected, washed, and baked in the oven to eliminate wheat weevil and additional insect infestations. The acorns are perfect for using in fall craft projects and are ready to be shipped.


★ 50 clean acorn tops some have stems, other do not.. Most of the caps are a lighter in color because they were collected during the current year and will darken with age.

★ The size of the caps are about the size of a nickel. The sixth picture depicts the cap over a nickel coin.


★ At this time my shop is set up for free shipping in the United States and Canada.
★ If Outside the United States or Canada please contact me for a shipping quote before purchasing.
★ Typical orders arrive between 7-10 days.

★ The appearance of colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

★ If there is an issue with your order, please contact me at to discuss the issue. Customer is responsible for the return shipping and a $3.00 restocking fee for all returns.

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