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Set of 5 Botany Wildflower Images Wall Art Print Download

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NO product will be mailed to your home. This is a digital file that you bring to your printer and print the artwork you desire.


Set of 5 high quality digital files of wildflower botany prints that have a soft yellow background.

An excellent option to make matching wall art prints up to 11x14 in size, greeting cards and notecards. that you can take to any printer or print on high quality, textured computer art paper at home.

Images Included:
A.) Spiderwort, Toadshade & Meadow Rue
B.) Eastern Poppy and Virginia Bluebells
C.) Globe Thistle, Blue Alpine Sea Holly
D.) Purple black-eyed Susan and Yellow Rose
E.) Great-flowered Heath & Rosebay Willowherb

The image would also make wonderful notecards when printed in 4x6 size.

Image download available immediately after payment.


- (5) High quality, watermark free 2550 × 3300 jpg digital file for you to print in sizes up to 11.00" x 14.00" .

- The JPG file will come in the form of a digital file that you can download. You can take the file to the printer of your choice and decide on sizes and print options.

-The view of the photo will change slightly with the size you chose to print.

- I own the copyright to my work. I am granting you the right to use my photo, if you follow the terms below when purchasing the photo file.


This jpg download is available to purchase for personal use. You may print it out to make photos and cards for yourself or to give as gifts. Items created with this jpg can not be sold for profit.

You may not sell the jpg nor can it become part of any online collection or CD collection.

If you have a question on how you may use the jpg, it is always best to ask before purchase.


I will on occasion sell an individual rights to use my images in print or as part of designs they sell and for other money making opportunities. This is a separate cost. Feel free to contact me to speak about commercial use projects. You must have a written contract, signed by me for commercial use. nikkilynndesigns @ take out spaces to email me.

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