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Face Only a Mother Could Love

Wild Turkey

Are turkeys not the ugliest birds you have ever laid eyes on? At least I think so.  It is the face that kills me.  A face only a mother could love. But, they are big, beefy and run pretty funny. The only thing I can say that is pretty, or should I say – pretty special is the way they fan their feathers during mating season, now there is a plus!  That is a pure beauty!

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Silver Spotted Skipper

Silver Spotted Skipper

Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly 



The silver-spotted skipper is the largest of the skippers and is most commonly found during the months of June, July, and August in Wisconsin.

They enjoy collecting nectar in open fields of flowers.  The skipper is easy to identify.

It has a brown body, with a few white spots and an orangish yellow band through its wing.

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