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Eastern American Toad Thrilling Video

The Eastern American Toad thrilling video – (thrilling) is the sound they make. The thrilling sound can last for up to 30 seconds at a time and you normally hear them in May in Wisconsin.

Currently, this is what the little pond down the street from me sounds like. The video contains one image of the toad so you know what critter to look for and the audio sound – so you too, can identify the thrilling sound the Eastern American Toad makes.

PS – Yes, the name of the sound they make is called thrilling 🙂

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Ovenbird Warbler Video

A short 15-second video that shows a picture of the ovenbird warbler and has the audio to hear what the bird sounds like.

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What the Ovenbird Looks Like:

They have olive-brown upperparts and white underparts heavily streaked with black; the flanks have an olive hue. A white ring surrounds the eyes, and a black stripe runs below the cheek. They have a line of orange feathers with olive-green tips running along the top of their head, bordered on each side with blackish-brown. The orange feathers can be erected to form a small crest.

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Chapel Ridge Heights Shrine of St Anthony of PADUA Green Bay

Chapel Ridge Heights Shrine of St Anthony of PADUA is located on the UWGB 290 acre Cofrin Memorial Arboretum. It is open to the public. The video shows how to locate the chapel and a tour of the inside and outside of the chapel. 

If you would like to know a little bit of history about why roadside chapels were built, read my post Belgian Brick by Brick this will give you a better understanding about the Belgian heritage in the Brussels, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

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Monarch Caterpillar Battling Aphids Over Milkweed

One of the largest issues that Monarch caterpillar larvae battle is aphids. Aphids compete for the larvaes food source.

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Bairds Creek Green Bay Early Spring

Bairds Creek Green Bay in early spring.  Early spring; the snow has melted and the creek is running fast. The rebirth of the year.  All the plantlife and animals are waking up from their winter’s nap.

The creek flowing is one of the seasons first promises that spring is truly on it’s way.  Let my path walking and hiking adventures for the season officially commence.  Bringing the promise that plenty of nature will be caught on camera this year.  The excitement awaits.

Enjoy this short video.  I am not an excellent videographer. Matter of fact, my teen told me I have much to learn and practice.  No plans on breaking out into the video business. Thinking we are all safe.  I enjoy sharing little pieces and parts of what I see.  Even if I stink at it.  I’m sharing.  I shall take the free advice given by my teen and build from it.  Maybe, I shall get better.

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Wequiock Falls Green Bay Froze Over

Wequiock Falls Green Bay Froze over – the falls are located in a small county park just off the highway in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They are the perfect, short stop off to stretch your legs after a heavy rain. The water flows extra heavy, then,  More often than not during the summer months, you will find a slow trickle or a dry bed.


In the winter, nothing short of amazing.  As the weather temperatures change, so do the falls. Each week brings a new sight for the senses.

If you want to see some additional pictures and or need the location read this post.

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Common Goldeneye Drakes Trying to Impress the Hens

Common Goldeneye Drakes Trying to Impress the Hens:

The displays that males do to gain a female’s attention are impressive. Some, will even make you laugh out loud when you witness them for the first time.

Even though this posting is mainly on mallards, we have plenty of ducks that breed in Wisconsin. Below is a video of common goldeneye drakes trying to flatter the hens.

I always tell my daughter when the ducks are doing what I call the, “The Pick me! Pick me! Dance.” It is the one thing that I think she enjoys watching.  Otherwise, birds are not her cup of tea.

Unless I can assure her that there is going to be a good, WWE Smackdown goose fight. Then, she would be right there watching with me. Never heard someone laugh so hard over geese fighting in all my life. She is a barrel of laughs.

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Blue Jay Birds

Blue Jay Birds

Audio file of blue jay calls, written facts and photography.

Want to know what a male bird looks like? A female? How about what a blue jay birds nest looks like? How many eggs are laid or how long it takes for the eggs to hatch?

The video can answer those questions and a few additional ones. Plus, hear the calls of blue jay birds in the woods. This way you can identify that they are near to see if you can spot them when you are out for a walk.

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Canadian National Train Bridge

Canadian National Train Bridge

The Green Bay, Wisconsin Canadian National Train Bridge located in the middle of the Fox River. The bridge is moved by the railway operators when a train needs to cross the river.

We spend plenty of time on the water during the summer.  If you would like to see additional photography shots from the waters of Green Bay, visit this post.  I have shots in my fine art photography for The Leo Frigo Bridge, The Grassy Island Lighthouse Range, and an entire album just dedicated to Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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Feeding Begging Burros Custer State Park

Feeding begging burros Custer State Park, South Dakota. You can read about our 11 day family trip by starting with DAY 1 HERE.

We are never without a few laughs whenever my husband is around.  The man had it in his head we had to go back through the park for a second time just to feed the burros.  Video proof, he got his wish. We did.

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Fonferek Glen Waterfall in Summer

Fonferek Glen Waterfall in Summer

Having some fun with my daughter! We love exploring together. Today’s exploration is Fonferek Glen Waterfall in Summer.

Fonferek’s Glen Falls and Park is located Ledgeview, Wisconsin. Four miles South of Green Bay, Wisconsin in Brown County.

Background Information:
This waterfall was created by Bower Creek tumbling 25 feet down the Niagria Escarpment. That cliff, called the Niagara Escarpment, is a geologic formation that runs hundreds of miles through the state of Wisconsin and beyond, forming a great circle all the way to Niagara Falls at the New York-Canada border. At Fonferek GLen enjoy a limestone- walled gorge with a stone archway.

I-43 South Milwaukee exit to County MM exit. Right onto County MM. Right on Memory Lane. Follow the gravel road up and park up by the barn.

We put together a little video for those that may want to see the waterfall but can’t make the trip.

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Vintage Americana Photography

Vintage Americana Photography

Healthy obsession.  That’s what I call it.  Albums that are chock full of vintage Americana photography prints that I sell. Antiques, old collectables and vintage finds with fabulous little details depicting life that has past us by. You can view and/or purchase out of my SMUGMUG Portfolio HERE