Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler Palm Warbler birds are yellow and brown birds with rusty brown head caps that are relatively common throughout Wisconsin during the spring and fall migration.

American Redstart

American Redstart The American Redstart is a warbler that can be found traveling through Wisconsin in the spring fleeting from tree to tree. The male and female have a difference in appearance but both have relatively long tails for warblers.

Black and White Warbler

The black and white warbler is one of the easiest to recognize of the warblers. This bird was once known as the black and white creeper. The bird creeps around tree trunks and branches looking for insects to eat.

Chestnut Sided Warbler

The Chestnut Sided Warbler is a fast-moving, yellow, black, brown, and white warbler. Found throughout Wisconsin during the spring and fall migration.

Ovenbird Warbler Video

A short 15-second video that shows a picture of the ovenbird warbler and has the audio to hear what the bird sounds like. ✔ Feel free to share the video