About Me

I’m a lover of animals, plants, and spur-of-the-moment road trips. Outdoors will find me exploring woodland areas, traveling Wisconsin country roads, and gardening. Indoors, working on an experimental cooking or craft project, or on my computer creating some form of digital art.

What Makes Me Tick?

I am an avid outdoor gal. For years, I was a closet nature geek – only my family of four knew by the random facts I shared with them about animals and plant life. I find the Web of life interesting. 

I now feel a comfort level and embrace sharing the randomness of Nikki with the world.

If you follow me for any length of time, you will find that I’m wordy by nature, a random advice-giver, and sometimes an oversharing person. For better or worse, I own those mad skills.

What You Can Find Here

On Nikkilynndesign.com I share posts related to Midwest gardening, crafts, and Midwest plants, animals, and travel locations through my travels and experiences. The website is a compilation of numerous websites that I have owned over the years. As technology has changed and I have aged, I’ve narrowed down my passions in life.


Garden Crafts Made From Wood or Sticks

Whether you have just started to nurture your green thumb, or are a seasoned veteran, I’d love to invite you to follow my gardening posts. 

Some of the postings are informational-based, there is a category for tips and tricks, and others are step-by-step how-tos. 

This site did not originally have garden stuff on it, the images were transferred from my gardening site a few years back.


How to Make Fried Marble Necklaces

Again, I share mainly garden-related crafts.  Although, there are some crafts that I have shared from my previous business endeavor at firenfusion.com. 

I apologize upfront for any missing videos, there was a youtube channel embedded at one time one the site – that has been deleted.

Midwest Locations, Botanicals, and Wildlife

Look for Midwest travel locations – mainly nature- and based. 

I’ll share posts about birds, insects, wildflowers, and even old Americana findings like old cars, houses, and signs – I have a serious obsession with them all.

If you ever feel like you “read it before” you might have on findingthebeautyineveryday.com

Going into 2023, this site will follow that website structure.

Disclaimer: There are pictures used on informational blog posts on this site that are used via Creative Commons or from websites that state a photo was released to the public domain. If YOU find something that needs my attention get in touch with me.

If you got through all that, you deserve a pat on the back! I warned you I am long-winded 🙂 This is my about me page – but blogging isn’t about ME. It is about what YOU can see, what YOU can grow, what YOU can cook, what YOU can craft, and my personal favorite, where YOU can explore……

Enjoy your stay! I’m happy you are here!!

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