Who I Am –
Let me introduce you to the lady behind Nikki Lynn Design, me, Nikki Vig.

I am in my mid 40’s and the mother of two very active, adult children.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 25 wonderful years.

Lover of animals and spur-of-the-moment road trips. Enjoy gardening, experimental cooking projects, and “trying” new crafty adventures. An avid photographer and digital artsy fartsy as well 🙂

One shot of me that my daughter took while I was feeding the chickadees.

I LOVE nature with every fiber of my being!


What You Can Find Here:

I share posts related to Midwest gardening, cooking, crafts and Midwest plants, animals and travel locations through my photography travels.


Whether you have just started to nurture your green thumb, or are a seasoned veteran, I’d love to invite you to follow my gardening posts.  Some of the postings are informational based, there is a category for tips and tricks, and others are step by step how-tos.  Since I live in The Midwest, we have to do some prepping that other parts of the country doesn’t.  Like, get ready for winter.  Ugh!!  I will share postings on winter prep, too.

Under the gardening category, you will also find postings and recipes for feeding our feathered friends and backyard guests and informational ramblings by me.

I’d love to hear your feedback, we all do things differently. Maybe you have a better way of doing things? Perhaps, a new way I haven’t heard of?Facebook comments are installed under the posts (I do sensor them before they hit the site) .  Feel free to ask questions and to answer other visitors garden-related questions. I’d like to think of the space as community space. 



Again, I share mainly garden-related crafts.  Although, there are some crafts that I have shared from my previous business endeavors.  A few tried and true, best sellers.


I’m gonna share recipes using garden produce, quick and easy- prep ahead food and foods that travel well. Right now, it is a mess – but I’ll be working on the sections.  Since I’m from Wisconsin, I’ll also share many recipes for entertaining, party foods and drink recipes.  In my social circle, we will find any reason to host a party or BBQ.

Midwest Locations, Botanicals and Wildlife

I’m an avid outdoor gal. I’m a closet nature geek that has a ton of random facts rattling around in my head about animals and plant life. The web of life is interesting.  Find me a path to get lost hiking for a day, and I’m there! Enjoy viewing all my travels and adventures. Anytime I am out and about, my camera and lens are along for the ride. It is a fun hobby that I enjoy sharing with others. Hope you enjoy seeing what I see…  

Under the photography blog section, look for Midwest travel locations – mainly nature based.  I’ll share wildlife, plant shots and even old Americana findings like old cars, houses, signs – I have a serious obsession with them all.  Photography is up for sale if you are interested in prints.  But, please; feel free to just follow along. Pin the locations and visit them yourself.  No pressure to buy anything, EVER.  It is always an option; never a requirement.


Social Media


Follow me on Instagram where I share up to two photos a week depicting my time spent in nature and time spent with my own crazy birds, both in & outside the nest. Content is usually shared in real time or within a week of me visiting an area. It is also my favorite social media forums.  I’ve met so many people worldwide that I now proudly call my friends!

I love to interact with people on IG. I’ll normally follow back if you follow me, unless your account is private. But, if you delete me, I delete you… friendship is never a one-way street.


Places You Can View and Purchase Products That Carry My Photography

Smugmug is a living archive of all of my photography endeavors. I have oodles and oodles of albums for your viewing pleasure.  You may order photo prints off the albums.

Nikki Lynn Design Store
My Nikki Lynn Design store carries my alphabet photography, photography prints, coffee mugs, note cards, postage stampscalendars, necklaces and more. I send you here for digital design work as well.

Fine Art America
Looking for a conversation piece that will have your friends and family talking? Here is the top of the line – museum grade printing material company.  The pricing is a little higher – no doubt. Shop!

Learn more about purchasing & returns any of my photography.


Enjoy your stay! I’m happy you are here!!


Home Cook / Craft / Garden / Photography Blog / Image Licensing


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