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I live in Wisconsin.  We have a VERY short growing season and experience long, gloomy winters. Many of the postings deal with cold weather.  I also have a love of nature and wildlife – expect plenty of postings dealing with critters. This is a small sampling of over 200+ posts.

Flowers, Fruits, Herbs & Veggies

Growing Aster Flowers From Seed

10 Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard
Dividing Canna Bulbs

Planting & Care of Dahlia Flowers

Info graphic with a pink dahlia flower and pictures showing how to dig up dahlia and store for winter.

Pink Garden Phlox in Your Flower Garden

Wildflower that birds like


Birds & Critters

I have a love of nature and wildlife – expect plenty of postings dealing with birds & critters.

Birds That Eat Nyjer Thistle Seed At Feeder

All About the Dark Eyed Junco Bird

Bird Approved Suet

All about the Baltimore Oriole Bird Feeder Bird


Garden Insect & Pests

Nobody likes them, but at one time or another, we will all have them, garden and yard pests. Not all insects are bad for your gardens.

This section will deal with common garden flower gardens and lawn pests. The culprits that may raid your gardens and yards causing havoc; by destroying, chewing, and killing your plants.

Cucumber Beetle - Yellow bug in garden
What is eating and chewing holes in my garden plants

Lifecycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Feeding Butterflies - Fruit - Sugar Water Recipe
Cabbage White Butterfly

Ways to Get Rid of Aphids

Common Lawn Pests

White-lined Sphinx Moth and Caterpillar

Butterfly Nectar Food Recipe