Hiking Crevice Rock

Hiking Crevice Rock

The first part of this hike is a moderate 1.4-mile trail that offers beautiful views of the stone cliffs and excellent views of Sugar Creek in Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

I Love Exploring Locations Other People Give Me

My husband’s co-worker Brice told us about this state park and I put it on the list to make a quick stop off on our travel to Tennessee.  Brice was spot on when he told my husband I would love this place.

Crevice Rock Marshall Indiana

Trail Number 10

We had enough time to check out trail number 10 that leads you through crevice rock and the camel’s back. Nice hike with steps, some wooden walkways and leads you to Rocky Hollow.

Hiking Crevice Rock

Here, I thought to myself the wooden walkway that led us around the first part of the loop by the suspension bridge was spectacular.


Suspended Over Sugar Creek

This fabulous 200-foot-long suspension bridge over Sugar Creek leads to many hiking trails in Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana.  

Suspended Over Sugar Creek - Turkey Run State Park Indiana


Couldn’t Imagine a Place Could Get Any Better

I couldn’t imagine that the hike could get any better, but I was wrong.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

Bright green moss covered rocks line the pathways.  The trees and plants competing with the rocky landscape create some interesting views.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

After following the wooden walkway loop you have a choice to explore the inter rocky hollow.  There are no walkways, it is rugged, stone covered weaving and uneven ground suddenly becomes the norm.

A Little Muddy

It is a little muddy and extremely slippery after a fresh rain.  Wasn’t gonna let it stop me, I was up for exploring in the short amount of time that we decided to this location.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

I would imagine this valley area holds a fair amount of water in the spring.  My husband and I rock hoped to explore the area, trying to keep our shoes as clean as possible.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

Twice, the slippery mud almost made me take a digger. At one point, I felt my shoes instantly become cross country skis. Plowing me straight head, threw the thick mud.  So, much for clean shoes 🙂 

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

Wishing that we would have left additional time to explore here.  I only left us an hour and a half of time on this trip before we had to push on.

I Could Easily Have Spent the Day Here

I could have EASILY spent the day hiking and exploring.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

Standing under the massive rocky cliffs in pretty awesome.  In the back of my mind, I was always thinking the rocks at the bottom had to come from somewhere above – so I should proceed with caution.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana - Mayapple

Some plant life competes with the rocky environment and moss. Pictured above is a wildflower called the mayapple.  The plant starts out with the appearance of an umbrella growing from the ground.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

We Covered a Small Sliver of the Park

We have had only covered a small sliver of this park. We were about halfway through this trail area when we had to turn back to head for the car. At this point, I was almost crying. I’d love to have stayed! Although, our reserved room for the next two days wasn’t in this area.

Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, Indiana

Want to Visit for Yourself?

One Promise To Myself

I will be back!  That is a promise.  Pictures taken of this area would NEVER, EVER do this place justice.  If you enjoy nature and hiking this is one must see park.

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