Dead Nettle Plant

Dead Nettle Plant

Dead nettle plant is a Shade-loving perennial that is wonderful in hanging baskets and flower bed edging. Some people consider it a noxious weed. But, truth be told bees and hummingbirds love it.

Dead Nettle Plant
Hardy Perennial:Perfect in zones 4 to 10
Light Condition:Grows in partial and full shade
Size:About 6 inches tall
Use In:Excellent in hanging baskets and as flower bed edging.
Foliage:Attractive foliage even when flowers are not in bloom.
Can be Invasive:Think of the mint family when choosing planting area.

Pollinators Love It

The brightly colored tubular blooms of henbit and purple deadnettle varieties attract important pollinators to your yard like honey bees, bumblebees, and hummingbirds.  

Besides attracting beneficial pollinators, the plant also attracts birds and is deer resistant.

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Yellow Archangel

The yellow variety is the Yellow Archangel, a fitting name for such a bright and welcome addition to a shade garden.

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Purple Dead Nettle

Purple dead nettle is a showy addition to any flowerpot or garden. 

The plant is a very versatile plant known for its drought tolerance, it works well as a groundcover and is excellent when planted on slopes to curb erosion.

If you can get past the fact many consider the dead nettle plant to be a weed and look toward the benefit of attracting pollinators to your yard – it really turns out to be a thoughtful addition.

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If you don’t wish to plant in your yard for the risk of invasiveness, look to trying it out in one of your flower pots.

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