Why Feed Jello to Houseplants

Why Feed Jello to Houseplants

House Plants Generally Have a Nitrogen Deficiency

Signs and symptoms include poor plant growth, and leaves that are pale green or yellow because they are unable to make sufficient chlorophyll. Simple words they don’t look healthy and can be laggy or have slow growth.

House plants generally have a nitrogen deficiency. That is why we feed them fertilizer. Here is where it gets a little gross but also the science behind it:

Science Behind Feeding Plants Jello

Jell-O AND Knox products both have collagen that was extracted from bones and connective tissues of animals. Gelatin collagen is organic and will break down slowly feeding your plants if used once a month.

Does It Gel?
To answer your question does it gel?  No. Cause you are diluting the powder almost 5 times more than making JELLO.

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