Growing Herbs

Growing Herbs

If you enjoy plants and want to try your hand at growing herbs, try growing these 6 easy to grow varieties.

If you’re not the type of person that wants to spend their time managing an elaborate fruit or vegetable garden, you might consider planting and maintaining an herb garden.

#1 Sage

Sage has woody stems and gray-green leaves with blue or purple flowers. The plant isn’t very particular about its soil and it can survive the winter and pop back up in spring, but the plant gets laggy and weak after the third year. 

  • The first herb you grab at Thanksgiving
  • Pair with dairy, fry with onions & combine in herb seasonings

#2 Chives

When it comes to growing herbs – chives are the easiest herbs to grow.

  • Oniony taste
  • Flowers are edible
  • Excellent in fish, potato & soup recipes
  • Rated in the top 10 flowers for nectar for pollinators
  • Needs extra water throughout the season
  • Monthly fish pellet or fish emulsion fertilizer needed

#3 Thyme

  • An assortment of different varieties
  • French thyme is most common
  • Bring indoors for cold weather and place near a sunny window
  • Perfect in soups, stews, and marinades

#4 Rosemary

Rosemary is a sun worshiper, the plant needs 6-8 hours of full sunlight a day. Spring growth and the upper portion of the branches growth are less woody and bitter tasting.  Fall growth and lower plant growth will get more bitter as you proceed down the stem.  In areas with mild winters, above 25 degrees, rosemary can become a 3-4 foot shrub.

  • Will repel many insects
  • An upright plant that can be grown in floral gardens
  • Excellent in stuffing and roasted meat recipes
  • Needs extra water throughout the season
  • Monthly fish pellet or fish emulsion fertilizer needed
  • Bring indoors for when the weather reaches 25 degrees and place near a sunny window

Recipe: Rosemary & Orange Red Wine Vinegar

#5 Basil

  • Best used fresh
  • Commonly used to make pesto
  • Over 20 different varieties and/or colors
  • Needs extra water throughout the season
  • Monthly fish pellet or fish emulsion fertilizer needed

Additional Post: Growing Basil From Cutting

#6 Oregano

  • Most flavorful when used dried
  • Used with roasted, fried or grilled veggies, in meat and fish dishes
  • Some cooks like the Greek variety
  • Common herb noticeable in pizza seasoning  

How Much Water Do Your Herbs Need?

  • Stick your finger about an inch into the soil, if the soil is dry, water the plant.
  • Soak the plant until the water runs out the drain holes; wait & repeat a second time.
  • Purchase a self-watering planter to make watering foolproof.

Winter Coming? Do You Get Snow?

  • Leave chive plants outdoors they will normally come up yearly if planted in the ground.
  • Growing herbs indoors. Bring potted rosemary & thyme inside & place near a sunny window.
  • Potted basil doesn’t do well indoors. Take a cutting and put it in water – it will last a month.
  • Sage & oregano should be grown fresh next year. ENJOY!!

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