Category: Ad”vintage” Flair

Ad”vintage” Flair – Healthy obsession. That’s what I call it. This vintage collection is chock full of fabulous little details that showcase the life that has passed us by. I like to think of all the stories the houses and equipment that one comes across could tell. In this category will be Americana kitchen tins and tin signs that feature early artwork.

They advertise and carry symbols of American culture. Plus old cars, trucks, tractors, and farm equipment. Old houses, barns, and even structures too.

Anything dusty, rusty, old, and full of character.


  Wheels Collection of old vintage wheels, I love anything rusty, dusty, and old, it’s a wheel obsession of rusty goodness 🙂 That may bore some people but I love the rust. I love the...

Vintage Flair

Vintage Flair Collection Vintage flair collection holds vintage items from the past. Why do we love antiques so much? For some, antiques hold sentimental value, for others, there’s a certain charm to the old-time ways...

Tins Signs Advertising

Collection of images of old tins, signs, advertising Americana that feature early artwork. – the memorabilia and marketing that made some companies flourish and others fail. Americana encompasses not only material objects but concepts and...