Abandoned Victorian House Marathon County

Abandoned Victorian House Marathon County

Sweet find! This abandoned Victorian house Marathon County still holds her own. At least for now.

I get asked often on Facebook groups and by Twitter and followers how I find all my old buildings.

Victorian Framed by Trees

Today, I will answer those questions if I haven’t answered you directly already.

1.) I use my GPS as explained below.

2.) My Friends and family text me locations because they know I search them out.

3.) By traveling the country roads and not the highway. I first sought out towns and cities that were settled first. They hold the gems.

4.) By purchasing and reading history materials, like the links below.

5.) Sometimes, by plain old luck.

When using the GPS, my daughter and I play a little game with the GPS when traveling somewhere new.

My daughter and I play a little game with the GPS when traveling somewhere new.


We punch in the town we want to go to. The GPS picks a random address. Since we are already going to that location for a purpose, we visit the address that the GPS gives us.

View larger sizes of these pictures or purchase prints (HERE).

Most of the time the location that the GPS picked is very interesting.


This weekend pick – an old Victorian house. The house was covered with thick brush and it was just peeking through the trees.


I snapped a few pictures while walking outside of the grounds. I did want to go up closer to the home but didn’t. In this little town, I had maybe 20 people already watching me like a hawk.

Almost as if they were watching their prey before digging their talons in. Decided it was best not to push my luck.

Abandon Victorian House Marathon County

If you understand a little of the history of the towns and places you visit it holds clues as to where you might start searching.  Many of the books give locations.  Easy place to start then. Right?

For today’s find, credit goes to the GPS.  All I can say is what a beautiful home this must have been in its day. It is hard not to appreciate the beauty of this abandoned victorian house in Marathon County.

Thanks for stopping in and hopefully; I have answered some of your questions on how I locate properties. I never give addresses’ to the properties themselves.  Your job is to find them.  For me, it is like a little gold nugget when I locate a property.  Happy hunting.

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