Door County Anderson Dock

Door County Anderson Dock

Door County Anderson Dock is located in a quaint little village of Ephraim, Wisconsin.  Ephraim was founded as a Moravian religious community.

The steeples of the Ephraim Moravian Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church-Bethania Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation are the landmarks of the village. 

Up until 2016, Ephraim was the only dry municipality in the state of Wisconsin.

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History of Anderson Dock Ephraim

Door County Anderson Dock is a historic dock that was built in 1855. The warehouse that sits on the dock is known for its boat name graffiti. Currently, the dock serves as the long-term home of the Francis Hardy Art Gallery.

The historic dock warehouse was where ships would dock in the harbor to drop off goods to the early settlers. The ships would carve their name and boat names into the side of the building. The messages were left for a variety of reasons.  Including letting loved ones know they were safe traveling the sometimes uncertain waters of Lake Michigan’s Death’s Door.

Who Can Write on the Wall?

The tradition is still carried out today.  Travelers by boat and even car, come out to leave their mark.   There have been marriage proposals, birth, wedding, and engagement announcements and thrilled tourists leaving crazy messages.  The messages are interesting to read.

The Rules

1.) Use acceptable language.  Children visit this building.
2.) Use paint for messages.  Carving is no longer acceptable.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read about the history of the Door County Anderson Dock.  Combining two of my passions. Photography and history.

Until next time friends. Take Care!

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