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You will find a variety of helpful information on birds that you may see in the woodland areas or visit your yard.

The postings can have information on what your guest eats, breeding habits, migration, and how to attract the critters to your feeders and backyard.

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Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler birds are yellow and brown birds with rusty brown head caps that are relatively common throughout Wisconsin during the spring and fall migration. General Information Name: Palm Warbler...

American Redstart

American Redstart The American Redstart is a warbler that can be found traveling through Wisconsin in the spring fleeting from tree to tree. The male and female have a different...

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker The pileated woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in North America. The term pileated comes from the Latin word pileatus meaning “capped”  which refers to the red crest on the top of the...

Northern Flicker

The northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) or common flicker is a medium-sized bird of the woodpecker family. It is native to most of North America, parts of Central America, Cuba, and the Cayman Islands, and is one of the few woodpecker...