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Red Eyed Vireo

Red Eyed Vireo Song Bird Wisconsin

Red Eyed Vireo

The red eyed vireo is a small songbird that you might see trying to catch insects in your trees.  The bird isn’t a fan of the feeder.

What Red-Eyed
Vireos Look Like:

• Adults are mainly olive-green on the upperparts with white underparts.

• They have a red iris and a grey crown edged with black

• There is a dark blackish line through the eyes and a wide white stripe just above that line.

• They have thick blue-grey legs and a stout bill.


They Visit Your Trees Looking For Insects
The red-eyed 
vireo is interested in picking insects off the undersides of your leaves and flowers.

Red-eyed Vireo

You Will Not Find Them at Your Feeders
You will not find them at the feeder but might hear their beautiful song and quick motion when visiting tree to tree.

Red Eyed Vireo In New Leaf Growth

Where You Will Find Them:
• Heavily wooded areas
• Always around trees looks for insects
• Occasionally, sitting on a heavy stemmed flower in your garden.

The red eyed vireo is a small songbird that you might see trying to catch insects in your trees.  The bird isn't a fan of the feeder.

They breed in the open wooded areas across Canada and the eastern and northwestern United States.

Do Not Like Wisconsin Winters:
The birds do not like the cold and will migrate to South America, where they spend the winter.


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