Category: Beetles

What does the beetles of Wisconsin category hold? Beetles, of course. Plenty of informational tidbits to help you ID an insect or just learn little interesting facts. I’ve learned quickly that most people squirm at the thought of insects. Each critter in nature plays a part.

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle Behold the dazzling charmers of the Midwest meadows – the Goldenrod Soldier Beetle! With their striking golden hues and relentless energy, these tiny warriors paint the prairies with a touch of brilliance.

Milkweed Bug

Meet the flamboyant residents of the milkweed realm – the vibrant Milkweed Bugs! Sporting a stunning red and black ensemble, these winged wonders play a crucial role in nature’s theater. From their daring feast on...

Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle A few of many beetles in the blister beetle family. The beetle is part of the Meloidae family, they are called blister beetles for a good reason.