Category: Through The Seasons

Through the seasons.  Phenology is the repetitional change of plants, animals, and weather.  Wisconsin changes month by month and so do the animals, plants, and trees.

Starting in 2023 the blogging style will change a bit.

Most of the photography is mine – although, I do use public domain and creative commons work in informative blog posts. I was a blogger long before being a photographer :)


Days Are Getting Longer March is a month of returning birds, and planting indoor garden seeds. Summer is just around the corner, I can feel it. The days are getting longer by 60 minutes in...


Holy smokes! It is February 2023 and I have seemed to have misplaced an entire blogging year! Did you wonder where I was hiding? Last January I committed to posting monthly about the seasonal changes...


Well, Happy New Year! Hope you are settling into your new year. January 2022 – It’s cold! But, did we expect anything less from the Wisconsin winter? Welcome to the phenology posts. The posts will...