Moose Maple Keys

What are moose maple keys? You’re thinking it is a place, right? Nah. It is a bush-like shrub or tree that produces moose maple keys that attract wildlife.

We took a fall camping trip to Minnesota and on my list of things I wanted to hunt down were environments with moose keys from the striped maple tree, which are often called moose maple keys.

I wish I had the land and environment to plant some of the striped maple trees, they are beautiful in fall colors and attract plenty of wildlife.

Moose Maple Keys

Moose maple keys are the name given to those winged-shaped things that striped maple trees produce.

You might have fond memories of other maple tree varieties producing something similar and referring to them as them helicopters in your youth.

Well, those are what I was looking for. Research has proven that one needs to educate yourself on the environment and food sources that animals or birds enjoy and you will more than likely find the critter you wish to see. Right?

Facts To Help Locate

1.) Striped maples are found in hardwood forests under thick undergrowth.

2.) The trees in most areas are shrub-like with many branches formed at the base but can most certainly grow into small to medium trees.

3.) The tree-like shrub produces moose keys that chipmunks, moose, snowshoe hares, and red squirrels like to eat those seeds.

4.) Trees are also called Goosefoot or Goosefoot Maples in many parts because the leaves look like a goose’s foot.

5.) Some people reference the tree as moosewood because moose supplement their diets during the long winters with the bark of the tree.

6.) Also referred to as Pennsylvania Maple, where the tree to the state and is a native species.

Black-Throated Blues Are Fans

For those of you who are warbler fans, here is a hint. The black-throated blue warbler also nests in striped maples.

Besides the Black-throated Blue Warblers, you will find Blackburnian Warbler. and Black-throated greens happily forage in and out of the hardwoods.

Fungi & Wildflower Mania

Coral fungus, Ramaria stricta

The environment of moose key maples leads to finding new species of wildflowers, moss, mushrooms, and well, a ton of nature’s goodness.

The hardwood forests are home to many woodpeckers, and wildflowers like Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Starflowers,  and Wild Sarsaparilla.

Wander around long enough and you most certainly check a few items off your long list of gotta see it someday plants. Pictures of items are nice to see but there is more to it than pictures, hunting down the items feeds a soul.

95% of what I came back with were video clips, pictures of walking paths, birds, wildflowers, trees, fungi, and rocky waterscapes. In truth, there is only a small percentage of people who may want to see it all.

We also did some exploring around the Northshore, exploring waterfalls, several county parks, and Voyager National Park. Two of our favorite stops along the way were Enger Park in Duluth, Minnesota, and touring Split Rock Lighthouse.

In the coming months, I plan on adding wildflowers and additional locations from the trip.

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