Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit

A common woodland plant that produces purple-spotted and striped leaves in the spring (April–June).

Genus:Arisaema triphyllum
Life cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Shaded or partially shaded woodland area, forests, and damp or moist soils.
Bloom season:April, May,  June
Plant height:2 feet

Names Jack in the Pulpit Goes By

Adder’s root,
Wild arum
Arum lily
Devils and angels
Cows and bulls

Adam and Eve,
Naked girls
Naked boys
Wake robin
Friar’s cowl
Cheese and toast

Parts of the Plant



A green stalk flower with maroon and white-colored stripes on the inside, the backside has green and white stripes.

The flower folds over and creates a pulpit that protects the spathe.

In fall the plants produce berries that start off green and turn a bright red. The berries are known to cause pain and burning of the mouth if eaten by humans.

Small mammals and birds enjoy the berries. The seeds are carried to additional locations to encourage planting.

Plant Your Own

The plant will make a nice addition to wildflower gardens and can be propagated by root division or from seed.

Collect the red berries.  Inside each berry is a brown seed, remove the seed and plant 3/4 inch deep in fall before the ground freezes. The seeds need a cold snap before they will grow. 

Forgot to plant the seeds?  Place the seeds in moist sphagnum moss and refrigerate over the winter months. Plant in spring.

USDA Zone:3-9
Sun Exposure:Partial, Shade
Soil:Rich soil with seasonally wet location
Height:2 Feet
Attracts Bees, Flies, Birds (Deer Resistant)
Bloom Color:Produces green stalks with maroon stripes
Plant Spacing:10-18″

Wildflowers & Woodland Plants

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