Downy Yellow Violet

Downy Yellow Violet

The Downy Yellow Violet is found in woodland areas during the months of April and May in Wisconsin. They like rich, dry soil.

General Information

The plants grow 9-12 in. tall. The bright yellow flowers are veined with purple whiskers and the flowers are edible. 

Wisconsin and Midwest Wildflowers Trees and Invasives
Genus:Viola pubescens
Life Cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Woodlands, and meadows
Bloom Season:April , May 
Plant Height:9 to 12 inches
Other Names:Hairy Violet, Smooth Yellow VioletYellow Violet

Collecting & Planting Seeds

Plants grow a white bulb that will hang off the plant. As the bulb ages, it will turn brown and split into three sections. The brown pods will drop brown seeds that will become next year’s plants.

Collect the seed and plant in rich, dry soil in shady, woodland areas.  If you would like to starting seed indoors, in a container. the seed cannot be replanted or disturbed for two years.

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