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Trout Lily

Trout Lily Wildflower Wisconsin

Trout Lily

The woods are blooming full of trout lily in Wisconsin. I have been lucky to track down each of the varieties, except the pink variety this year thus far.

Trout Lily in Wisconsin

Mauve Trout Lily

Pictured above is the Mauve Variety

• Trout Lily
• Fawn Lily
• Spotted Adder’s-Tongue
• Dogtooth Violet

Scientific Name:
Erythronium Americanum
White Trout Lily (Erythronium albidum)
Yellow Trout Lily  (Erythronium americanum)

(Native) Family:
Liliaceae – Lily Family

Bloom Time:
April – May and through mid-June farther north. Depending on weather.

About The Lily
• Gets its name from it’s spotted pattern on the leaves which look a lot like the pattern on a Trout.

• Some people also call the flower a Dogtooth Violet, I always giggle because it is not a violet at all, it is a lily.

• The flower comes in cream, yellow, pink and mauve, all but pink is listed.

Trout Lily / Dog Tooth Yellow Violet

Yellow Variety

• The petals of the lily will only fold themselves back, like the top one; on a bright, warm sunny day.

White Trout Lily

White or Cream Variety

• As the day heats up, the flower petals are in different stages.

Expect Plenty of Flowerless Leaves

Many flowerless leaves will be seen on hillsides, it takes several years for the plant to store enough energy to produce a flower.

Love Trout Lillies? Try Your Hand At Growing Them

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