Virginia Spiderwort

The three-petaled Virginia spiderwort wildflowers are usually blue to a variety of purples, but may also be pink, white, or red.

Genus:Tradescantia virginiana
Life cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Woodland edges, Meadows
Bloom season:May, June, July
Plant height:Up to 3 feet


The flowers only remain open for a day, They bloom during the morning hours and close for the night, wither and fade away into a jelly like substance. The flowers clusters will continually bloom for up to four to six weeks in summer and are normally found in Wisconsin during the summer months of May,June and July.

Planting Spiderwort

Spiderwort makes an excellent woodland garden additional to flower beds. The plant can be propagated by division of the rootstock or by seed.

If grown from seed, the seed will need to go through cold stratification. Cold stratification is planting the seed in fall, before winter sets in, or storing them in the refrigerator for a period of time before planting. This mimics nature, the seed needs a cold snap before it will germinate.

USDA Zone:3-9
Sun Exposure:Partial Sun, Shade
Soil:Fertile loam, and prefers somewhat acid soils
Attracts Bees, Flies, Birds (Deer Resistant)
Bloom Color:Purple, Pink, White, or Red
Plant Spacing:1-2′

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