Forget Me Not Wildflower

Forget Me Not Wildflower

The forget me not wildflower is a perennial wildflower that is most often found in woodland gardens, along creek beds, or in wetland areas with rich soil.  They will tolerate sun and shade but like damp soil

Flowers are typically blue, white, pink, or yellow with a yellow center.  The flowers have 5 petals and 5 sepals and are about 12 inches tall.  They bloom in spring or directly after the snow melts in winter climates.

The plant is known for its astringent and ophthalmic properties and can be used as a lotion. Often planted to help celebrate the life of a loved one.

General Information

Wisconsin Wildflowers or Invasives
Genus:Myosotis arvensis
Life Cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Deciduous forests and woodlands with decaying plant matter. Along river banks.
Bloom Season:MarchApril & May in Wisconsin (For about 2 weeks)
Plant Height:8 to 20 inches
Other Names:Bloodwort, Indian paint, puccoon, and red puccoon

Collect Seed From Plant

Their seeds are found in tulip-shaped pods that when brushed against the pod will dislodge and fall to the ground to germinate elsewhere.

You can collect seeds by placing a piece of white paper under the stem and shaking the seed pods.  

It will release seeds. If growing a plant from seed, the flower will bloom the second year.

Forget Me Not can also be propagated by the division before it blooms or directly after it blooms. A stem cutting taken in summer can also prove productive

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