Common Scorpionfly

Common Scorpionfly

So what is this crazy looking insect? Have you seen one before? This is the common scorpionfly. To me, there is nothing common about the look of this little guy.

Scientific Name: Panorpa communis
How It Got Its Name: The scorpionfly receives its name for the scorpion like appearance of the males clasper during mating season, it is not a stinger.

What It Looks Like: Black and yellow wings, large black eyes, with a reddish brown head and tail and long nose.

Garden Friend or Foe? Will not bite or sting and does not bother plants or crops. Eats dead insects and live aphids. Eating aphids on plants is always a plus 🙂

Months Seen: Active May through September.

Common Scorpionfly- Reddish Brown fly with clear and black wings.


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