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If you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden at some point you will see proof of spittlebug or froghoppers in the garden. Proof you ask?  What is that proof?

Spittlebug or Froghoppers in the Garden

If you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden at some point you will see proof of spittlebug or froghoppers in the garden. Proof you ask?  What is that proof?

During the early morning hours and well into the afternoon you might run across what looks like foamy, bubbly spit in flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and even on field plants.  Or, least I think it looks like someone or something has been rather rude and spitting on your plants.

Ever See What Looks Like Bubbling Spit On Your Plants?

Then you have spittlebug nymphs or another name for them as adults are froghoppers.  As adults, the face of the froghopper really does resemble a frog’s face.  Froghoppers jump from plant to plant.

Spittlebug Proof

What is a Spittlebug?

There are over 2200 varieties of what is called a spittlebug, the baby of the Froghopper, or what they call a nymph.  The nymphs, which produces the foamy spit, pierce plants and suck sap causing very little damage, much of the filtered fluids go into the production of the foam.

Are Spittlebugs Harmful To Plants?

While it is generally listed as a garden pest, it takes a large number to really affect garden produce production.  Which, thankfully, does seems to be a huge issue. Only certain varieties are harmful to crop production.


Spittlebug or Grasshopper

Why is the Darn Thing Spitting on My Plants?

Well, it really isn’t spitting.  It comes out of the backend of the critter, not the front 😉

◙ The bug uses the froth to encase themselves to hide from predators.

◙ The spit provides moisture that insulates the spittlebug against heat and cold.

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What If I Want to Get Rid of Them?

Good news.  As a general rule of thumb in the garden you can just use water to spray them off the plants.  But, again; they don’t cause too much harm in small numbers.


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