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Repotting a Money Plant

Repotting a Money Plant

Repotting a Money Plant

Today, I’m repotting a money plant. The money tree plant is a hardy, climbing plant that will grow in just about any soil or even flourish in water. Besides being called a Money Plant it is also called Devil’s Ivy and Golden Pothos.

Spring Cuttings Yield Outdoor Plants

If you take a cutting of someone’s money tree plant and place it in water near a window with a fair amount of bright sunlight, it will grow roots in a few weeks. The plant can also survive and flourish if the roots remain in water; although, it is not considered a water plant. The main benefit to the money plant is that it takes volatile organic compounds out of your air.

During the summer months, I like to take a few cuttings and pot them up to place outside on my deck as hanging baskets. I find it extremely economical because I already have the pots that I recycle each year.

Repotting Summer Outdoor Plants in Fall

In the fall, before the weather turns cold, I take down the two hanging baskets and repot them and give them as gifts.

Repotting a money plant

Photo Credit Francis Chung

Re-potting your plants is simple.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to re-pot an existing money plant or plant cuttings.  The process in the same for both.

Step 1
The first order of business is to locate a planting pot of your choice to transplant your money plant in.


Repotting a Money Plant

Photo Credit Francis Chung

Fill a little portion of the bottom of your pot with chipped and broken brick or pebbles to help with drainage.

Step 2

Repotting a Money Plant

Photo Credit: Francis Chung

Fill your pot with quality potting soil. Be sure to keep the soil about a 1-1/2″ from the top rim of the pot. This will help when watering and to leave headroom to place a little extra soil over the roots after you water the first time if need be.

Step 3

Repotting a Money Plant

Photo Credit: Francis Chung


Gently uproot your money plant.

Step 4

Dig a small, well type hole to plant the roots into and recover your roots in the soil.

You will need to be sure the roots are covered well. You can see from the photo that none of the roots are peeking through the soil. Also, that there is plenty of head space for watering.


Repotting a Money Plant


Step 5

Water the plant well. If you will be keeping your plant outdoors, place it in the shade for a few days to acclimate the plant to its new environment. After the third or fourth day, begin to place it in the sun for the morning hours; then, for the afternoon place it back in the shade.


Repotting a Money Plant

After about a week, your plant will be ready for just about anything your weather can throw at it, except frost.

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