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Mayapple Wildflower

Mayapple The mayapple plant’s scientific name is Podophyllum peltatum and is part of my running Wisconsin wildflower collection.  The mayapple wildflower in Wisconsin was found on one of my walks through the Wisconsin woodland areas.

Cardinal Wildflower

Cardinal Flower The cardinal wildflower is a native Wisconsin perennial. It consists of many bright red tubular flowers. The tubular flowers are arranged in an elongated cluster. Cardinal flowers also make excellent garden flowers in...

Purple Gaywing Wildflower

The purple Gaywing wildflower is often mistaken for an orchid. It goes by the names of Fringed Polygala, Gaywings, or Flowering Wintergreen. General Information Genus: Polygala paucifolia Family: Milkwort Life cycle: Perennial Origin: Native Habitat: Damp,...