3 Things Gardeners Can Do To Help The Declining Honey Bee Population

Want to help out the declining honey bee population?  I have put together a list of 3 things gardeners can do to help the declining honey bee population.

Want to help out the declining honey bee population? I have put together a list of 3 things gardeners can do to help the declining honey bee population.

Stop Using Harmful Pesticides

The first thing a gardener can do to help the declining honey bee population is to stop using harmful pesticides.

3 Ways To Control Garden Pests Without Harmful Pesticides

1.) Barriers

Use row covers and mesh nets to allow sunlight to pass through to your plants all in while keeping bugs out.

2.) Traps

Use traps to rid yourself of insects.  There are a wide variety of traps that do not use chemicals to catch your garden pests.

3.) Natural Products

Try products like Neem Oil. Neem oil doesn’t have harmful chemicals in it.  It is all natural and doesn’t harm the good insects like bees and ladybugs and it is also pet safe.

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#2 Plant Flowers Shrubs & Trees

Provide a wealth of choices for honey bees to collect nectar and pollen from.  Some excellent choices are listed below.

  1. Common Goldenrod (Gall Fly on Goldenrod)
  2. Sunflowers
  3. Bee Balm
  4. Coneflowers
  5. Apple Trees
  6. Grape Hyacinths
  7. Cherry Tree Blossoms
  8. Blueberries
  9. Yarrow
  10. Columbine
  11. Lupines
  12. Chokecherry Blossom

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Plantings to Help the Declining Honey Bee Populations

#3 Change Your Flower Watering Habits

1.) Use A Soaker Hose

Set a soaker hose on a timer to water your flower garden.  A soaker hose set on low power spray will water the roots of your flowers, leaving the nectar dry on the flowers and easily accessible to honey bees.

2.) Water In The Late Morning

Honey bees are busy all day long collecting nectar.  The early morning hours are heavily populated with bees out looking for nectar.  If your watering really early in the morning to try and beat the hot heat you will also be washing off a good majority of the pollen that was produced.  Try to water only the roots or wait until mid-morning, when the sun will dry off the plants quicker.

3.) Declining Pollinators

It is important to remember that not only is it the honey bee that is declining in numbers but many species of pollinators both wild and even domestic are in decline.

  • Urbanization and the decline of habitat is one part of a larger issue.
  • Pesticides and regular mowing of ditches reduce native plants.
  • There are fewer food sources, nesting sites & places for pollinators of types to live.

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Quick Recap 3 Things Gardeners Do To Help Declining Honey Bee Population

  • Use natural products to control garden pests.
  • Plant trees and flowers honey bees enjoy.
  • Change your watering habits.

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