Achillea or better known as yarrow is one of the flowers that I grow in my flower garden for cutting purposes. There are over 1000 varieties of this beauty.  The plants range from small border type plants to giant, show-stopping backdrops.

Floral Traits

Family: Asteraceae (Wiki link)
Class: Perennial
Colors: Come in four varieties of colors white, yellow, orange, pink or red.
Candidate for Cutting / Drying: Yes, both cutting & drying

White Achillea (Yarrow)

The plants are frilly, hairy, aromatic leaves. The plants show large, flat clusters of small flowers at the top of the stem.
Pinky Purple Achillea (Yarrow)

The flowers can be white, yellow, orange, pink or red and are generally visited by many insects, and are thus characterized by a generalized pollination system.

Yellow Achillea (Yarrow)

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The yellow varieties of the yarrow plants always seem to be in the best condition. The grow the largest and most consistent blossoms. Maybe, because the bees really enjoy them. I can see the pollen all over their little legs. They are full!

When do You Harvest for Cutting & Drying?

1.) Mid-morning – I find to be the best time. The dew from the morning has dried and I can access the flowers well.

Mixed Achillea (Yarrow)

2.) Fully open flowers with pollen – Look for flowers that are fully open. Full, fresh flowers and they have to have visible pollen. The pollen part is important. For some odd reason the flowers that have pollen on them last longer as fresh-cut florals. They also dry better, too.

How Long Do Cuttings Last?

Depending on the variety of your achillea (yarrow) you can expect 10-14 days.

How Long Do Dry Achillea Last

Years. Can only give an educated guess. Four years ago I placed some dried flowers in a fall wreath. I’m still happy with them. Maybe, that will help you?

I’m the person that doesn’t place much emphasis on what is inside my home.  I spend most of my time outside, enjoying nature.  When I can’t be outdoors, like today, because of heavy rains; I like to bring the great outdoors inside.

Happy growing!!

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