Butterfly Nectar Recipe

Butterfly Nectar Recipe

Butterfly Nectar Recipe – If you want to attract butterflies to your yard all you have to do is feed them. Either by plant or providing nectar for them to feed on.

Monarch butterflies especially need extra food supplies during migration. They need all the energy they can get to make the migration to their warm weather destinations.

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Butterfly Nectar to Feed Butterflies


Granulated Sugar
Plastic Pot and Pan Scrubber (dishwashing section of the grocery store.)
Shallow Container

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4 parts water
1 part granulated sugar

1.) Boil the solution for several minutes until all of the sugar is dissolved, and then let cool.

2.) Place a scrubby sponge in the bottom of a shallow dish.  Pour nectar over and around plastic pot scrubber.

Change out water every two days to get mold and bacteria from growing in the shallow container and on the scrubber.

Now you can feed the butterflies anytime you wish.

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