Cave Point County Park Door County

Cave Point County Park Door County, Wisconsin

Cave Point County Park Door County is located in the thumb of Wisconsin and in the tourism industry it is known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest.

General Info

General:County Park features underwater caves, hiking trails & limestone cliffs and miles of rocky shore along scenic Lake Michigan in Door County.
Address:5360 Schauer Rd, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.
County:Door County
Google Map Location:Google Map Location
Cost:FREE (no park pass needed)

Cave Point Should Be Experienced In Every Season


Windows To Lake Michigan

The park is open year-round and winter is generally not experienced by as many people as summer and fall seasons, the season brings on an element that is unlike any other.

Fantastic ice formations form along the shoreline and the views change from week to week.

Wave Actions Create Formations

The strong wave action that you witness during the summer and fall months beats up against the limestone and creates spectacular ice formations.

Sometimes, the wave action on shore creates windows through the ice. Cave Point County Park Door County ice sculptures make perfect windows to view Lake Michigan.

Strong winds, waves, and ice most certainly could be a deadly combination. The buildup of ice can make the area slippery and dangerous. You need to watch your footing and being mindful using care and caution can be rewarding.


Spring brings a new dimension and life to Cave Point. The rock formations start to shed their sheets of ice and the surrounding woodland areas come alive with blooming wildflowers.

Lake Michigan Turns A Beautiful Aventurine

If you have ever held an aventurine stone in your hands, then you know what a beautiful colored stone it is. Aventurine’s name derives from the Italian “a ventura” meaning “by chance.”

By chance, I have visited on days that Lake Michigan showed an aventurine coloring and the water is stunning!

The Ice Melts & Warms The Water

As the ice melts and the water warms up along the shores of Cave Point on Lake Michigan waters it creates an aventurine coloring for a few days.

Wave action that stirs up bottom sediments and grinds air bubbles into the water, and precipitates of dissolved calcium carbonate that come out of solution when water temperatures rise.

This color change occurs as the lake warms and stirs up. An extra special event to witness and photograph.

Spring Wildflowers Will Be Blooming

Throughout the spring there are several varieties of wildflowers and plant life you can look for along the trails to the left and also the right, heading towards Whitefish Dunes State Park.

Look to the plant life section if you need help ID’ing your finds.

Summer & Fall

Summer and fall weekends are extremely busy at Cave Point, sometimes it is difficult to find a parking spot. If you will be staying over the course of a week on your trip, try and visit during the weekday. You will find your time much more enjoyable.

Rock Structures On The Shoreline

If you love the outdoors, Door County, Wisconsin will provide you with plenty of opportunities. If you enjoy hiking, visit Whitefish Dunes. you are literally right next door if you are visiting Cave Point.

The next stop from here, I would recommend driving to Baileys Harbor. Go to either Cana Island for a tour of the lighthouse or to The Ridges.

The Ridges should be your choice if you enjoy walking through nature trails, birdwatching, and searching for wildflowers. There is also a nice beach right next door for a picnic lunch or to take a dip called Baileys Harbor Ridges Park located at 2301 Ridges Rd.

If you still have time to explore, hit up Toft Point for a hike which is about a mile and a half from The Ridges.


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