Badlands Revisit

Badlands Revisit

Today we are leaving Hill City, South Dakota and starting to snake our way toward Green Bay, Wisconsin. Last night’s homework was to write down places to stop on the way home.  Number one on each list – Badlands revisit before leaving South Dakota.

You know that feeling you have when you miss something? I have had that feeling since we left The Badlands National Park. Like there was something I missed. Something that begged for my full attention but I ignored it. Today, I shall find out what that might have been. If anything.

Shopping Downtown Wall

On our last trip through Wall the Apothecary was not open.  Today, it was.  That stop made it on our daughter’s list. Wish granted. She got a chance to check out some of the items she wanted to inspect closer.

Downtown Wall, South Dakota. Wall Drug Store pictured.

We had a good time messing around with some of the tourist photo props and looking through additional shops.

Feed the monkey and he will play tunes for you at Wall Drug

Feed the monkey and he will play tunes for you.

We found the jackalope at Wall Drug. The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.


We found the jackalope,  The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.  You will see references to the creature during your visit.

A good omen that we needed to try the pie. Haha!

Pie and Coffee at Wall

After my review, where I told everyone to save their money and do not eat at Wall Drug – I got a some expected backlash. Several people on my Social Media platforms said the pie and donuts are where you should spend your money in Wall. Today, I will do that. You had better not steer me wrong!

Coconut Cream Meringue Pie at Wall Drug


Here goes nothing.  Coconut Cream Meringue Pie was my choice.  It was better than my meal was.  Certainly not exceptional, but I’m spoiled.  The price wasn’t too bad so it scores about a 4.

I grew up in Door County.  Those that suggested to try the pie, if you get a chance to travel – hit up Door County, Wisconsin.  Besides the spectacular landscapes, shops and sunsets; the baked goods are outstanding.  

Scaturo’s Baking Company & Cafe  & Grandma’s Swedish Bakery at Rowleys Bay Resort excellent choices.  I’ll tell you a secret.  My daughter and I once drove from Green Bay to Rowleys Bay just to split a cinnamon roll (1 hours and 40 minutes one way drive for us.  Yep, they are that darn good).  Never said I was exactly sane, did I? 

I was spoiled growing up.  Belgian family baked goods and Swedish baked goods to purchase.  Both are the bomb!  I should know.  I have had my fair share. 


Badlands Revisit

Show time!  Back to the Badlands.  From Wall, the last time we entered the park, we made the choice to turn right. Today, I say go left.  Immediately, you could see a vast difference in the scenery. Oh boy!  After looking at the map.  We only covered a small sliver of the park during our first visit. We most certainly needed to come back. My gut feeling was not wrong.

Badlands Revisit - Badlands National Park



On our first trip out of the car, I saw my daughter trying to walk between me and the sign behind her. Between you and I, I had saw the posted rattlesnake sign immediately. I just enjoyed the fact she did everything in her power to guide me away from it. She didn’t want the sign to impede my exploration. It was sweet.

Badlands National Park

As we got closer to the sign, it was killing me inside. I was trying to contain my laughter. Finally, before she ended up breaking a bone performing this funny dance she was doing trying to keep between me and the sign. Or, tripping: trying to weave through the steps while looking back at me. I had to confess, quickly. I admitted that I had seen the sign already. She was relieved that I did and that I was still descending the stairs.

Badlands National Park - South Dakota

My eyes were on the prize. I could see a glimpse of what was at the end. That was enough to get me down the stairs. From that point on, my fear of rattlesnakes wasn’t a ten. It was more like a 6. Which helped tremendously over the next few hours.

What a view at the Badlands National Park

I would love to post all the pictures that I took. I’m sure after the 60th one, you might feel overwhelmed. All I will say is that spending the rest of the entire day here was worth it. I set up myself up with excellent photos and a bonus location for at night. Not too far away.

All roads have a glorious view at the Badlands National Park


I leave you with one last image for the day. We are all one, small creature, in this vast world. What a day! Here is to tomorrow’s adventures.

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