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Cherney Maribel Caves County Park 

I love exploring Cherney Maribel Caves County Park it is a 75-acre county park along the West Twin River in Maribel, Wisconsin.  If you have never been there it is a site for the senses.

General Info

General:The park and trails are open from sunrise to sunset. Hike the 3-mile loop along the river, explore the dolomite rock formations and check the calendar of events to see if there are any cave tours happening.
Address:Address: 15401 County Rd R, Maribel, WI 54227
County:Manitowoc County
Google Map Location:Google Map 

There Are So Many Facets To This Park

The property has some wonderful dolomite rock formations to explore around. The rock formations were exposed during the ice age.

During the ice age, glaciers exposed sinkholes and rock crevices for water to get into. Creating fabulous rock formations and underground caves. It is a ton of fun to climb inside and out of the little rock holes.

Explore The Rock Formations

You could navigate inside and out of those rock crevices and fill up an Instagram account!

Spelunking is Cool

Our family took advantage of the free guided tour of one of the caves. On our visit, we purchased an optional patch that helps fund exploration and work on additional caves within the park.

They have one tour date per month during late spring and summer. Otherwise, the caves are closed off to visitors of the park.

You can and do get muddy during the spring because getting into the cave you have to crawl before it opens up. And, yep, we saw bats.  Once inside the cave, they do have some lighting so you can see the wall.

3 Mile Loop

The loop is beautiful. Follow along the river and see some of those tree trunks and sprawling roots,  The river was also carved out from the glacier age. Weaving inside and out of the trees is a blast. You will find native plants, bugs, rocky landscape, and of course scenic stop-offs.

Fresh Water Natural Spring

Freshwater springs once fed bottling operations. There is one spring in the very back of the park that you can still see and drink from.

Bottling House

This is a bottling house where the bottling of the spring water took place. The backside of the bottling house can be seen from the park property, however, the bottling house is on private property that butts up to the park.

if you want all the stories, real and facts about this property read this post

Spring House

Makes you want to visit this park, huh? Heck, it does for me!

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