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Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan

Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan

Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan

My husband and I took an extra long motorcycle ride from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a few years back.  We stumbled upon this beautiful old IGA store in Watson Michigan.

Blink and You Will Miss It

You are literally traveling through trees and all of a sudden, if you blink – you would miss this little town.  Nothing there besides a few old homes, barns and this store.

Old Garage Barn in Watson, Michigan

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Old barn along the roadside.

Inside an Old Barn

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Shot with the 600mm from the road. Inside an Old Barn. A look at what is inside an old barn in Watson, Michigan.

Old House Watson, Michigan.

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Old house. Where the ticks are thick and give you the creepy crawlies looking at the vast amount on your legs after stepping off into the road side of the grass. Like you are a tick magnet.

Old IGA Supermarket

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Old IGA supermarket in Watson, Michigan. Back before the roof caved in this old country store is an amazing piece of history.

Old IGA Supermarket Store Sign - Michigan

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PS – If you own this building I have a buddy that would appreciate and be sure to give the proper loving to that IGA sign.

IGA General Store in Michigan.

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Fading Fast

I have the odd feeling this building is not going to hold up much longer. (2016 got word from someone I gave direction to that a good portion of the roof has caved in.)

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