Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan

Old IGA Store in Watson Michigan

My husband and I took an extra-long motorcycle ride from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a few years back.  We stumbled upon this beautiful old IGA store in Watson Michigan.

Where is Watson Located?

The drive is 28 miles west of Escanaba, MI on the corner of County Road 426 & SA.

Location:Town of Watson & Old IGA Store
Notes:A few minutes to view some buildings from the outside
Address:28 miles west of Escanaba, MI on the corner of County Road 426 & SA
County:Marquette County
State:Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
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You are literally traveling through trees and all of a sudden, if you blink – you would miss this little town.  There is nothing there besides a handful of old homes, barns, and this fabulous store.

The township of Watson is located in Marquette County, Michigan on the corner of County Road 426 & SA. In the middle of the Gwinn State Forest Area. If you are up in the Escanaba, Michigan area, it is 28 miles west of Escanaba, in the southern part of Marquette county.

Below are a few treasures from the area.

Fabulous Piece of History

I have a feeling this building is not going to hold up much longer. (Update – 2016 got word from someone I gave directions to that a good portion of the roof has already caved in.)

This fabulous piece of history is fading fast. Pictures of this old IGA supermarket in Watson were taken before the roof caved on this amazing building.

There are plenty of old buildings claimed by the elements each year. So when you see something like this IGA store in Watson you have to stop and snap a few pictures.

Soon, these old structures will only be faded memories.  Old barns give way, old homes get torn down and old city buildings get knocked down to make way for something new.  Snapshots preserve the memories and on some occasions, the history of the building or structure.

If you are heading through the area, this is a nice place to stop off, stretch your legs and take in a location from the days that passed us by.

Additional Places In Michigan’s UP

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