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Fred A Busse Chicago Fire Boat

Fred A Busse Chicago Fire Boat

Fred A Busse Chicago Fire Boat

The retired Fred A Busse Chicago Fire Boat found a home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin as a tour boat.  Visitors can board the Fire Boat at the city dock and get a water view of Sturgeon Bay sites.  


History of the Fred A Busse Chicago Fire Boat

The fire boat was built in Bay City, Michigan and commissioned in 1937.  It was in service for 44 years at Navy Pier, in Chicago, Illinois.  Retired in 1981 and is now serving as a tour boat in Door County, Wisconsin.


Fred A Busse Fire Boat in Winter - dockside in winter in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. During the summer and spring the retired Fireboat has found a new calling. It gives water tours in Sturgeon Bay.

What is a Fire Boat and What Was Its Job?

A fireboat is a specialized watercraft with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline and shipboard fires. The first fireboats, dating to the late 18th century, were tugboats, retrofitted with fire fighting equipment.


Fred A Busse Fireboat at Night - The Fred A. Busse was built in Bay City, Michigan in 1937. A fire boat is a specialized watercraft retrofitted with fire fighting equipment designed for fighting shoreline and watercraft fires. Currently, retired and used for water tours in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

The boats would protect the waterfront in Chicago.  Back in the day, all the buildings and wharfs that lined the waterfront were made from wood.  Today, they are made of concrete.  Which is why the city no longer needs the sheer amount of boats it once did.



Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse Pierhead

Along with stricter building codes, also brought new building methods for fire boats. Making the newer style boats cheaper to run. Making the old boats outdated.

View of the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin lighthouse that you can see from the fire boat tour.

You can see the fireboat from the Sturgeon Bay City Dock by the old steel bridge during the day or night.  Although, at night it makes for a stunning view.

Visitors can see the ships along Bay Ship Building and cruise through the canal when purchasing tickets to ride the fireboat and view the Sherwood Point Lighthouse, Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station.

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