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Copper Culture State Park

Copper Culture State Park

This weekend my husband and I took a Saturday fall drive through Oconto and Marinette Counties, visiting new sites and revisiting a few old ones that I had been to. Copper Culture State Park was one of our stops.


Past Prime


Bump in the Road

We had planned on driving to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but our vehicle had other plans that sent it to the shop.  Rental companies do not really like for you to hop state lines unless you pay extra.

Thankfully, we read the fine print before leaving.  Since our rental is free during the service work, we decided it best to stay and play within the state lines.  An hour away from Green Bay is perfectly acceptable.


Entering the Copper Culture State Park Road in Wisconsin in Fall


New to Him

My husband had not visited Copper Culture State Park before. I told him it is a very small park with about a half mile hiking trail through the woods and then along the Oconto River. I found the park amazing the previous two times I had stopped.


Hiking Inside the Woodlands in Copper Culture State Park

It Has a Museum

The park has a museum, that is only open certain hours and during certain months. I have still never been inside.


Copper Culture Museum Sign

Picnic Area

It has a picnic area, bathrooms, a small walking path and the river to view.  It is a nice leg stretch or even a good place to throw a line in the water to test your fishing luck. For the grand ‘ole price of free – it’s worth a stop.


Copper Culture State Park Oconto Wisconsin



Good Thing I Had The Snake Charmer
Today, it was comforting to have my husband along.  I’ve given him the name of “The snake charmer” because he relocated a snake on the trail for me.

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If he wouldn’t have been along, I might have just turned back at the first sight of a snake.


The Snake Charmer

Need to bring this guy along with me on all my hiking trips. He was kind enough to clear my paths of all snakes 🙂


Interesting Facts Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

Full of History

This was the site of a prehistoric cemetery of the Old Copper Complex people who occupied the northern Midwest from ca. 4000 – 2000 BC and the site is believed to be the earliest known metalsmiths in the world.


Susie's Hill Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin


Located in Oconto County.

The 42-acre Copper Culture State Park is on the north side of the Oconto River, on the west side of the city of Oconto at 260 Copper Culture Way, Oconto, Wisconsin.


Oconto River Tree Roots Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin


Each time I have visited the park, I’ve only come across a handful of people. Today was no different.  Quiet and peaceful.

One Lonely Leaf


I enjoy following along the river and walking through the tall grass while listening to the flowing river.  


Gloomy Weather Today - Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

Today was a fairly gloomy day. It was raining on and off throughout the day – my snake charmer was also kind enough to lend his services as an umbrella holder anytime I needed.


Golden Yellows Along the Oconto River - Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

Such beauty! Surrounded by rich autumn colors, under a light rain on a piece of property that few have really traveled, or so the waving grass tells me so.

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He Understands…
Alone, with just my husband by my side.  At one point he looked at me and said, “This is cool!”  I knew I had just shared a small piece of what makes me happy in this world.  Something so small in the sense of the grand scheme of life; but also, so simple, that many fail to take a minute to truly appreciate it.


Autumn Colors - Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

The beauty and peacefulness can only be understood by experiencing it first hand.  I could never put into words why I feel connected to nature.  Although, at that moment; I think my husband might have experienced the area through my eyes and a hint of the magic that makes me want to explore and spend time in nature.


Dark and Gloomy Inside the Woods - Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

We followed the river until we reached the end of the park land and a private property sign. Then turned back.


Walking Along the Narrow Path - Copper Culture State Park in Oconto, Wisconsin

Farewell, my friend.  Until I visit again…  We bid the area a goodbye and pushed on to Twin Bridges Park in Marinette County.

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Want to Visit For Yourself?

Copper Culture State Park in Oconto County

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