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Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

What a glorious view!  That is what everyone in your party will say when you make it to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

When out of town I always make a point to ask a few locals: “What is a nature or landscape destination in your county that many people miss when exploring in your county, but they really shouldn’t?” I’m extremely happy that I asked the guy at the front desk of our motel because it took him two seconds to name two places.  This is one of the destinations.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Where is Sugarloaf Mountain Located?

The drive is an extremely short drive from downtown Marquette, Michigan on county road 550.


The trailhead has a parking lot that is well marked off of County Road 550.  We had no issues finding a parking spot in the early morning hours of our hike.  Although, mid-afternoon when we returned, the lot was full.


Hiking the Trail

Much of the inner trail is cover by exposed rock outcrops that have plant and moss covering them and growing in and around the fragments of rock that have broken off from the main outcrops.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

There are well carved out dirt paths through a canopy of trees that wind through rocky and root covered pathways.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Two Paths To Choose From

There are two paths to chose from, the difficult and the easy.  We took the easy way up, and difficult back.  Neither was extremely difficult, the hike for either is under 20 minutes.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Although, once I got to the stairs and wooden platforms, I did have to catch my breath
 a few times.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

I live in an area that has hardly any elevation and I felt lightheaded, as did my daughter.  Just something to keep in mind when making the climb to the top.  Give your body and head a chance to get used to the elevation change along the way.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

At The Top

There are three wooden observation platforms, each providing its own view that overlook Lake Superior, Marquette, Presque Isle Park and Hogsback Mountain.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

You can also walk out and stand on the rock outcrops.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Each side of the mountain gives you a different view.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Another view from the side.

Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan

Stone Obelisk that Boy Scout Troop #1 Built

“For six decades it has honored a boy who at age 15 blazed a trail for the youth of Marquette and America, helping to set in motion the wheels of the first Boy Scout troop in the United States – a boy who in 1917 found himself a soldier at the age of 22. The monument was a tribute from his young scouting friends and dedicated to the only member of their tightly knit group who failed to return.” – Henry Bothwell  (Link to story)


Sugarloaf Mountain Lake Superior Water

From the Top To The Bottom

After climbing to the top of the mountain, we decided to climb all the way to the bottom to get to the rocks at lake level. The climb down to the water was challenging but worth it.

Long and Exhausting Climb Down

In the sixth picture on this page, you can see the rocks where the lake meets the trees from on top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  Well, we decided that we wanted to see them up close. Apparently, we like to torture ourselves. It isn’t easy to navigate down to the water’s edge and it most certainly isn’t for the faint of heart either. Tree roots become your only source of leverage up or down in many spots. But, man, it was well worth it.

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Sugarloaf Mountain Marquette Michigan is a must stop for anyone that likes a short hike with one of the best views around.

Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette Michigan 

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