Devils Punchbowl

Roadtrip!  Destination Devils Punchbowl in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  From our home in Green Bay, it is almost a four-hour drive.  The weather is nice, so why not.  My daughter has the day off and it is a place I have always wanted to go.

General Info.

General:Nature preserve has two short trails. The upper trail begins with a stairway that brings you to the top of the falls, and then through a small patch of woods overlooking the bowl. The second trail is straight ahead from the parking lot and brings visitors past the small prairie in summer to a long stairway down the slope and into the bowl.
Address:410th St, Paradise Valley Road Menomonie, WI 54751
County:Dunn County
Google Map Location:Google Map Me
Cost:FREE (Plenty of off-street parking.)

Are We Lost?

Someone told me this park was on 410th Street.  I punch it into the GPS.  When we arrived at the “place.” It had an Amish buggy sign and a no trespassing sign.  I said out loud, this is wrong. Can’t be.  It wasn’t.  Although I’m told it happens often.  We were kindly redirected to the correct street. 410th Street Paradise Valley Road.

Everything Is Slick Here

From the first set of stairs, I could see a tunnel with graffiti.  That was going to be our first stop.  Well, first we had to think of how to get down the icy stairway in front of us.  My thoughts.  Solve one issue at a time. Worry about getting back up when the time comes.  Right now, the problem is how to get down.

You never know how long you are going to be able to motor around with ease and two tell you the truth, I’ve has too many accidents the past two winters, sliding down on the ‘ole rumpster it was.  Quick and easy.  One thump at a time.

Graffiti Tunnel

The ice inside the tunnel was slick and smooth like an ice rink.  We stayed along the wall and used it to guide us through the tunnel to view the works of art and get to the other side. The tunnel. graffiti lined the tunnel, both by pictures and words.  A few of the artist’s tags are pretty darn cool.    

We wanted to explore the tunnel more and see what was on the other side but we were not sure if that crystal clear ice was safe.

Video Inside Tunnel

You could hear running water under the ice and it bubbled out underneath in a spot just before the entrance of the tunnel.  We decided after looking at the bubbling spot that even if we fell through, it wasn’t deep.  No worries.  Our boots would get wet, nothing more.

Us Just Having Fun

More Exploring

We walked into the bowl area to have a closer look and then took the loop around the top of the bowl. I bet this place is beautiful in spring and summer.

Devils Punch Bowl Road Sign - Be sure to add it all to GPS.
Devil's Punch Bowl Nature Preserve
Devils Punchbowl (Menomonie, WI) snow wall barrier and sign in parking lot.
Icy Creek Bed
Devils Punch Bowl - Glorious views.
Devils Punchbowl - First set of stairs.  Leads to tunnel with graffiti.
Always laughing and having fun.  We never look pretty but - in nature there is nobody to impress.
Chained off part of Devils Punchbowl.  I understand why.
Water pump - Devils Punchbowl.
Looking over Devils Punchbowl.
Black and White of a piece of farm equipment in winter.
Old farm equipment in a wintery field.
Fence that encompasses the top of Devils Punchbowl.
First set of steps that lead to the tunnel.  Viewed from other side of top of punchbowl.
Devils Punchbowl Inside.
Devils Punchbowl (Menomonie, WI) - Curtains of Ice.
Always A Good Time
Inside the tunnel at Devils Punchbowl.
Inside the tunnel at Devils Punchbowl.
Little Blue Man
Devils Punch Bowl
Melting Ice Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punch Bowl Tunnel
Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punch Bowl
Devils Punchbowl Menomonie, Wisconsin
Devils Punchbowl in Menomonie, Wisconsin

Video Of Bowl

Hope you enjoyed exploring with us!

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