Golden Backed Snipe Fly

The golden backed snipe fly is a black insect with a bright yellow back and the body of the fly has an almost silver or white shimmering metallic striped look to it.

Chrysopilus thoracicus, the golden-backed fly, is a species of snipe flies in the family.

  • Binomial Name: Chrysopilus thoracicus.
  • Family: Rhagionidae
  • Found in woodland areas.
  • Eastern portion of North America.

Cooling Off

Female snipe flies eyes do not meet in the middle. Males do.

This female is in the obelisk position which is tail raised and lifting the body off the leaves trying to cool its body temperature.

You with see dragonflies raise their tails to do the same thing.

So, how in the heck does one know this is a female? Her eyes. Females have smaller eyes than males and do not meet in the middle.

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