Mayapple Wildflower

Mayapple Wildflower

The mayapple plant’s scientific name is Podophyllum peltatum and is part of my running Wisconsin wildflower collection.  The mayapple wildflower in Wisconsin was found on one of my walks through the Wisconsin woodland areas.

What It Looks Like

The mayapple wildflower in Wisconsin isn’t an impressively showy plant. Unless you count the leaf size, which can grow up to 16 inches across and for its vast clumping of the plant and abilities to carpet an entire forest floor.

Mayapple Wildflower

When a Mayapple plant first pops up it looks like a small stalk. Over the next day or two, the top portion of the stalk will grow and full out. Until the plant is ready to open and then it looks an umbrella.

Family:Berberidaceae (Barberry)
Life cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Partial shade; in rich woodland areas
Bloom season:May – June
Plant height:1 to 2 feet with 16-inch leaves

Mayapple Photos

The plant spreads and can have large colonies that are produced by underground rhizomes.

After the leaves are fully formed the large, deeply lobed leaves always look like they are individual hearts when looking at them from above.

After the leaves have fully opened, some of the plants will get a little pod that will form a small white flower with 6 to 9 waxy petals.

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