Blue Jays and Peanuts

Blue Jays and Peanuts

Blue Jays and Peanuts

There is a soft and gentle rain coming down from the heavens this morning as I sit quietly at my kitchen table watching the deck peanut wreath full of blue jays and peanuts quickly disappear.

Happy Sweetest Day To Me

My husband knows that I love to watch my morning birds roll into the feeders and I always see the blue jays out there but they never come in close enough for me to grab pictures.  This morning the man helped me fill a peanut wreath with handfuls of peanuts he had purchased for me.  He had known that I had my eye on one of the feeders for a bit and what better gift to give a woman for Sweetest Day but something she will get joy from morning after morning.

It Took Less Than Five Minutes

At about the five-minute mark after hanging the peanut wreath on the deck feeder pole we had a visitor checking out the gadget.  The Blue Jay studied the wreath fairly well.  He looked at it from the bottom. Should I try this from the bottom? Will it work?

From the Bottom?

Then from the top. Maybe if I tried to attack this from the top, I’d have a better chance.

Examining the View From the Top

How About from the right side?

How About the Right Side?

Nope, I seem to be having some issues getting the goods out of this gadget!

The Front Side

You could see the frustration building as the blue jay tried the front of the wreath. At this time, three additional blue jays were waiting in the trees above the wreath.

From the top it is. I see you watching me in there at the table…you think this is funny?

From the Top It Is!

At this point, my husband joined me at the table to watch the blue jay try and figure out how to get a peanut out of the feeder. Mr. Jay ruffled his feathers to show us just how determined he was to get one of those peanuts and he did!

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Ruffling My Feathers

After the first jay left, there was a stream of grab-and-run peanut thieves.


The jays were determined to get every last peanut from the feeder. One thing is for certain, the Bluejays will take the time to think about how to get each and every peanut out of this wreath.


Got one! Now, how should I carry this thing back with me? I think I have it too far back in my mouth.

Rain Brings Hungry Birds

You would have thought that the first peanut was enough. Nope! He decided to carry two back and was successful.

Got the Goods

Got the peanut and off like a rocket to go and examine it.

Hope you enjoyed this Blue Jays and Peanuts post.  It was fun to watch all the blue jays visit this morning and every additional morning I put out the wreath to feed the jays a treat.


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